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Heritage Action for America DC Swamp Up Date When They Return April 9th, 2024

Congress has been out of session since they passed the massive $1.2 trillion, earmark-filled spending bill that bankrolls sanctuary cities, corrupt NGOs and Biden’s open border policies. America’s national debt is now 121% or our GDP and there are only 6 months left before Congress must once again face a federal spending deadline.

Here is what Congress is facing when they return...

When the House returns on April 9th, they will begin the process of drafting next year’s spending bills. While no victory in politics is permanent, no defeat is permanent either. Conservatives must begin work early to reverse the growth in the size and scope of government and to stop wasteful spending as the House and Senate Appropriations Committees begin their work for FY2025 funding.Mayorkas impeachment will advance to the SenateOn April 10th, the House of Representatives will deliver their articles of impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, to the Senate. As we have maintained, the Senate must fulfill their solemn responsibility to put Mayorkas on trial and hold him accountable.Every senator should explain their position to the American people: Do they want to show the country the evidence against the man responsible for the deadly border crisis, or will they help Biden cover up the truth?The truth that the open border:

  • Costs Americans $150.7 billion per year

  • Puts pressure on the housing market, making it harder for Americans to realize their dreams of owning a home

  • Facilitates human, sex, and drug trafficking that results in thousands exploited and thousands more dead

  • Invites national security risks because most illegal immigrants entering are never properly screened

  • Drives crime rates upward - every crime committed by an illegal immigrant was preventable

All of this is a direct result of the negligent policies of Alejandro Mayorkas. And he must be held responsible. The American people can handle the truth. Can Senators?>>>Call your Senators and tell them to HOLD THE TRIALUkraine Aid: It must be accountableThe Senate’s foreign aid supplemental package is still stalled in the House – in large part due to the grassroots strong advocacy against the bill. If the House moves to consider any version of a foreign aid package when they return, it must meet our consistent criteria of being accountable and transparent, considered on its own merits, and the Biden administration must articulate a strategy and goals for the funds. Wishful thinking and blank checks are not a replacement for a coherent strategy for foreign policy.

Welfare must be reformed, not expandedGrassroots have been active in opposing the misnamed “Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act” a.k.a the “Smith/Hyde Tax Package.” This bill would increase welfare subsidies for single parent households instead of strengthening incentives for married, two-parent households. It would undermine work requirements for welfare, and it would increase the rate of waste, fraud, and abuse in the welfare system.It would also add to the federal deficit at a time where reduction is urgently needed. Over 90% of the “family benefits” would be new cash and not money that had been saved elsewhere.This bill passed the House but now faces hurdles in the Senate where senators are rightly demanding changes and questioning the welfare expansion in the bill. Thanks to the outspoken advocacy of the grassroots and their demands for real reform, this has become increasingly unlikely.Don’t let up. Continue to call and email your Senators and tell them not to support this welfare expansion.Finish the job: TikTok must separate from the CCPThe Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act (H.R. 7521) is a bipartisan bill that would protect Americans from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) extensive online espionage network. Contrary to what many are saying, this is not a “TikTok ban.”TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is a Chinese company that is required by law to hand over user data to the CCP upon request. This offers the CCP ample opportunity to leverage sensitive information that could compromise an individual, or an entire organization, by establishing patterns of behavior through the use of artificial intelligence.

>>>Click Here to watch a 60 second explainer video<<<

H.R. 7521 would force ByteDance to sell TikTok to a company that isn’t under the country of a foreign adversary in order for TikTok to continue to do business in the United States. In essence, it removes an arrow from the CCP’s quiver while leaving the content of TikTok alone.This is simply common sense. The Senate must know that the American people support this bill.>>>Call Congress and tell them to split the CCP from TikTok

Here is what Congress is facing when they return...

KansasOn Tuesday, Kansas’ legislature passed SB 394 to protect minors from accessing explicit content by requiring adult websites to verify the age of their users. It is well known that frequent exposure to pornography at a young age creates unhealthy views of sexuality and an inclination toward violent behavior. Porn websites are addicting and prey upon the innocence and ignorance of young people to support their business model.

The state has a compelling interest to keep those under 18 away from addictive elements such as alcohol and tobacco. The same is true of pornography whose addictive qualities are far more powerful, prevalent, damaging, and offered at little to no cost. Heritage Action now calls Governor Kelly to sign this bipartisan bill into law and protect minors from the scourge of porn.

>>>Read the full press release HERE<<<

Kansas’ legislature also passed SB 233, legislation that protects children from radical gender ideology by banning the practice and recommendation of experimental surgeries and dangerous cross-sex hormones.In a press release, Heritage Action’s Director of State Advocacy Catherine Gunsalus wrote:

“When kids are struggling with mental health, the right answer is to give them compassionate care that does not involve pumping them with dangerous cross-sex hormones or performing life-altering experimental surgeries. By passing SB 233, Kansas has taken a stand against the Left’s radical gender ideology and voted to protect kids from medical malpractice in the name of social activism.

Governor Kelly has a duty to sign this bill and safeguard children from irreversible harm. We look forward to working alongside grassroots Kansans to finish the job.MississippiMississippi’s Secretary of State, Michael Watson delivered a cease and desist order to BlackRock - a multi-trillion dollar asset management company - accusing them of fraud and threatening them with fines. This bold move directly target’s BlackRock’s ESG investing which uses its clients money for political goals rather than providing the best financial decisions.

Heritage Action’s Executive Vice President, Ryan Walker wrote in a press release:

“Americans are fed up with corporations using their hard-earned dollars to force them to support Left-wing politics. Companies like BlackRock make a promise to their customers to be good stewards of their investments, but ESG-based money management flies in the face of fiduciary responsibility.”

This is just the latest show of force against ESG. Last week, Texas divested $8.5 billion from BlackRock for putting their political priorities over their fiduciary duty to their clients and as many as 15 states have taken direct action to combat ESG.Learn more at

None of this would be possible without you. As always, thank you for all that you do. - Ryan and the Heritage Action team

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