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Former WI Justice Michael Gableman Calls Out ERIC and WI Election Fraud at Moment of Truth Summit

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Former WI Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was contracted by RINO Robin Vos to conduct an in-depth investigation into the 2020 election. In this investigation, he found massive discrepancies in the way the WEC conducted the 2020 election. Justice Gableman called for the legislature in Wisconsin to “take a very hard look at decertification”.

Justice Gableman’s first sit down with Mike Lindell can be viewed here.

He also later made a more in-depth presentation to the crowd that can be viewed here.

Here are some of the highlights on Justice Gableman’s first segment:

  • David Becker, founder of ERIC, CEIR (Zuckerberg funded) and the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN), took George Soros money to fund ERIC

  • Louisiana has removed themselves from ERIC and preserved all 2020 election data

  • Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) Administrator Meghan Wolfe is also chairman of the board at ERIC. The terms of the contract between ERIC and the State is private

  • Gableman stated “…WEC violated the law in order to conduct a Get Out the Vote campaign for Joe Biden and to defeat Donald Trump…”

  • He also said “ERIC’s stated purpose is to keep our election rolls accurate. That is a lie. Lets just say that…that is a lie. What is my evidence? The evidence is in WI we have approximately 5.5M citizens. Of whom, approximately 4M are eligible to vote. So if I ask you ‘how many people, at most, should WI have on its voter rolls?’ If you’re tracking, you’ll say no more than 4M. That’s the number of eligible voters. We have over 7m names on those voter rolls…The excess of which is all available to the George Soros funded ERIC. And they can do whatever they want with those names and we’re not allowed to know. Neither we nor any other state is allowed to know.”

Justice Gableman used an investigation by The Gateway Pundit in his presentation. Here are the links to the four part series by The Gateway Pundit:

Back in 2021 at the Cyber Symposium, I had the opportunity to meet briefly with Justice Gableman right around the time he was being hired by Robin Vos to conduct this investigation. To say the least, I left highly skeptical of the former WI Supreme Court Justice. I was afraid he was there to simply “kick the can down the road” so to speak. This gut feeling was supported by a brief interaction with Justice Gableman by one of my colleagues.

At the event this past weekend, I had the opportunity to walk into the event with Justice Gableman. I spoke with him about that very event and my initial gut feeling. And then I apologized for that view. I don’t know if he was picked for this because Vos believed he would kick the can or not. It’s purely speculative. However, I do believe that if he was hired for that reason, once he got into the nitty gritty of the elections process in Wisconsin, he quickly realized this was far worse than anyone could have ever imagined. And then six months ago, and six months after our initial interaction, he called for the state assembly in WI to look into decertification. He also threw his support behind Adam Steen over RINO Robin Vos. That took guts.


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