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Flaws in the 'Parents Bill of Rights' Bill

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Submitted by Janice Parker

School Vouchers the Answer?

Hello. Each of you has responded to me about one or more of the three recent school issues - Muddy Sneakers, Pride Day, and the pending Parents' Bill of Rights bill; or I otherwise know you are very concerned about our schools.

I'm thinking you will appreciate all the thoughts below.

I'm asking you to consider school vouchers as an important answer to our school woes. Might take awhile, but think of the healthy competition in private, religious and trade schools; of home school curricula and fitting your home for homeschool. Plus there are already some terrific options out there that could expand.

If you think it's a good idea, contact our State reps (for Henderson County Jake Johnson, Tim Moffitt, Chuck Edwards and hopefully Jennifer Balkcom after Nov) and request they submit/support a true "Parents Bill of Rights" that will put parents in complete control of their children's education by means of school vouchers for those who disenroll their children to teach them by other means.

Remind them that the purpose of government according to our foundational Declaration of Independence is to "secure our unalienable rights" including the right of parents to be in control of their children's education.

"Take your kids out of schools now" 12 minute video -Psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald,

"Schools are not only failing, they are irredeemable. They are utterly controlled by those who go into the schools to proselytize their political ideology on your children. They have no other purpose, no other function."

Medium length article. "Trust the people, give them choices, and the school nightmare will vanish in a generation."


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