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Election Integrity Bill Priority Call List to NCGA as of 4/25/23

There are many election integrity bills in the North Carolina General Assembly here.

The list of priority bills are listed below with talking points. Please encourage your folks to make some of these calls each day.

New Bills supported by NCEIT – contact legislators now

• Poll Observers - House Bill 772 and

• Access to Voted Ballots (Cast Vote Records) - House Bill 770

These bills which were submitted by House Republicans include the language suggested by NCEIT. We would like you to contact legislators to let them know YOU support H 772 and H 770 and

• urge passage of the bills in the House Election Committees

• urge the Senate Election Committee members to sponsor a similar bill in the Senate.

These are the sponsors you can thank for

H 772 Poll Observer Davis; Cleveland; Mills; Warren (Primary)

H 770 Access to Ballots Davis; Cleveland; Mills; Warren (Primary) Cairns; Humphrey; McNeely

See the bill here

To show your support, at this time, call or write:

1. Ask members of the House Election Law & Campaign Finance Reform Committee to pass the bills in their committee because they are important election i

ntegrity measures (use your own words).

Use this link to find contact info for the members. Click on their names.

2. Ask members of the Senate Redistricting and Elections Committee to be a SPONSOR for similar bills in the Senate because they are important election integrity measures (use your own words).

Use this link to find contact info for the members and click on their names.

3. Your legislators. You can identify your NC House and Senate members with this link Click on the name and it usually brings you to a page with contact info.

If it does not, use these links to find the contact info and click on their name.

Talking points to show why you support the bill - select a 1 or 2 to highlight for the legislators.

H 772 Poll Observers See this link to the bill:

· A new section has been added that lists 19 activities that observers are permitted to do which addresses problems observed in the 2022 election.

(If you have been an observer and were not allowed to perform an activity, you could highlight that. If you were not an observer, you could pick one or two you like.)

· There is also a list of 8 activities that are not permitted by observers, so they do not interfere with the voting process.

· There is a new procedure for removing observers.

· The bill includes a Class 1 misdemeanor for any election official who restricts or denies observer access greater than what is allowed by the law.

H 770 Access to Voted Ballots (Cast Vote Records) See this link to the bill:

· Public records requests for Cast Vote Records have been denied by the NC State Board of Elections based on confidentiality. They have been available in other states. The bill provides access to the public of cast vote records through public records requests.

· Access to Cast Vote Records is needed for inspection and verification of machine counts of ballots, so they can be matched to the machine’s printed reports. Without this access, voters lose confidence in the accuracy of machines and the outcomes of elections.

· The bill requires voting sytems to create and maintain cast vote records.

· The bill includes a Class 1 misdemeanor for knowingly disclosing how an individual has voted that ballot.


We have sponsors on these bills. Thanks for you lobby efforts.

H 772: Poll Observer Bill (NCEIT drafted)

H 770: Cast Vote Record: Only mechanism for citizen audits of machines

H 728: List Maintenance: It's a 50% solution. Major revisions needed. It does not address removal of foreign nationals (who have never lived here and claim commercial properties as addresses) and duplicate voters

H 304: Observers cannot look at absentee ballot envelopes.

S89 similar to H641 (No Private $ in Elections). This bill only addresses grant money to BOE's from leftist 501c3s. It does not address scholarships, membership, or other services. We have the language to add.


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