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Election Bills Introduced in NCGA as of 3/20/23

Updated: Mar 26

TUES, March 28 @ 10am! Two Election Bills coming up for a vote in the House: Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform Committee H6: Uniformed Heroes Voting Act. H304: Election Day Integrity Act.

  1. Please ask people to call/email the committee members and ask them to vote YES!

  2. If you want to watch the NCLeg vote on the bills at 10am LiveStream:

Election Bills Introduced by NCGA as of 20 March 2023:

--S88 (Election Day Integrity Act)- Support

--S89 (No Private $ in Elections)- Support

--S137 (Const Amendment to Remove Literacy Test)- Neutral

--S226 (Freedom to Vote)- Oppose

--S306 (Fix Our Democracy)- Strongly Oppose!!!

--H6 (Uniformed Heroes Voting Act)- Support

--H9 (Independent Redistricting Process)-- Oppose

--H44 (Const Amendment to Remove Literacy Test)- Neutral

--H63 (Verify Immigration Status/SAVE)- Support [Not an Elections Bill]

--H82 (Maintain Precinct Voting Data- Official Results Include All Pct Votes)- Support

--H109 (Certain Prohibitions/Working/Voting)- Conditional Support, needs minor language change

--H123 (Constitutional Amendment to Limit Early Voting to 7 Days)- Support

--H191 (Popular Election)- Oppose

--H249 (J6 Riot/Overthrow Government)- Oppose

--H293 (Freedom to Vote)- Oppose

--H303 (Shorten One-Stop Early Voting to 8 days)- Support

--H304 (Election Day Integrity Act)- Support

--H362 (Fix Our Democracy)- Strongly Oppose!!!

--H376 (Little Federal Model for Senate Representation)-Questionable Necessity

--H388 (Increase Threshold- Campaign Cash Contributions)- Strongly Support!!!