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Current Election Bills Introduced by NCGA. Update 5/22/23

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Election Bills Introduced by NCGA

Election Bills Introduced by NCGA:

Green: Support

Red: Oppose

Black: Neutral

Senate Bills:

--S88 same as H304 (Election Day Integrity Act) – Support – (revisions suggested)

--S89** similar to H641 (No Private $ in Elections) – Support - (revisions suggested)

--S137 (Constitutional Amendment to Remove Literacy Test) - Neutral

--S226 (Freedom to Vote) - Oppose

--S306 (Fix Our Democracy) - Strongly Oppose

--S313 (Safeguard Fair Elections Act) - Oppose (see also H372)

--S349 (Whiz Kids/Slow Pokes Registration) - Strongly Oppose

--S352** (Remove Foreign Citizens from Voter Rolls) – Support (also see H365)

--S416 (Popular Election) – Oppose (See also H191)

--S471 (Automatic Voter Registration) – Oppose

--S484 same as H713 (Make Election Day a State Holiday) – Neutral

--S544 (Revise Buffer Zone Limitations/Elections)-- Oppose

--S577 (DMV Proposed Legislative Changes) (SS# to SBE – verifying voter registration data)- Support

--S630** (Constitutional Amendment/Citizens Only Voting) - Support

--S642 (Independent Redistricting Commission)-- Oppose

--S676 (Restricted Drivers License for Undocumented Immigrants) (has election-related item in bill)- Support

House Bills

--H6 (Uniformed Heroes Voting Act) - Support

--H9 (Independent Redistricting Process) - Oppose

--H44 (Constitutional Amendment to Remove Literacy Test) - Neutral

--H63** (Verify Immigration Status/SAVE) - Support [Not an Elections Bill]

--H82** (Maintain Precinct Voting Data- Official Results Include All Pct Votes) -Support

--H109 (Certain Prohibitions/Working/Voting-Conditional Support), (needs minor language change)

--H123 (Constitutional Amendment to Limit Early Voting to 7 Days) - Support

--H191 (Popular Election) - Oppose (see also S416)

--H249 (J6 Riot/Overthrow Government) - Oppose

--H259 (2023 Appropriations Act) (in the bill: HAVA Funds, Post Election Audit Report, Prohibit ERIC funding, Funds for Voter ID, Prohibit Private Monetary Donations in Elections)– Support (Revise “Prohibit Private Monetary Donations” section if possible)- Headed to Conference Committee to reconcile differences

--H293 (Freedom to Vote) - Oppose

--H303** (Shorten One-Stop Early Voting at county BOE by 3 days) – Support

--H304 (Election Day Integrity Act) – Support (see also as S88) - (revisions suggested)- Passed out of Elections Committee

--H352** (Remove Foreign Citizens from Voter Rolls) - Support

--H362 (Fix Our Democracy) - Strongly Oppose

--H365 (Require that Jurors be US Citizens) - Support - (revisions suggested)

--H372 (Safeguard Fair Elections Act) - Oppose (See also S313)

--H376 (Little Federal Model for Senate Representation) -Questionable Necessity

--H388 (Increase Threshold- Campaign Cash Contributions) - Passed Out of Elections Committee

--H396** (Repeal Participation in ERIC)-- Support

--H475 (Revise Certain Ballot; 48 Hour Report Reqs.) - Support

--H485** (Provisional Ballot/Same Day Registration) - Strongly Support

--H613 (Access to Voted Ballot)- Support (minor revisions needed)

--H641** (No Soliciting Certain Funds/Elections Boards) (see S89; H259) - Support - (revisions suggested)

--H694 (Campaign Finance Late Reports)- Support

--H706 (Electioneering/Voter Photos)-- Strongly Oppose until proposed Buffer Zone restrictions set at 200' are restored to 50'.

--H708 (Clarify Felon Voting Rights)

--H709 (Election Director Dismissal)-- Neutral

--H713 Same as S484 (Election Day a Holiday) - Neutral

--H728** (Maintenance of Voter Records)- Support (major revisions needed to remove duplicate and foreign national registrations)

--H770** (Access to Voted Ballots)-- Strong Support

--H772** (Poll Observer Activity)-- Strong Support

--H816 (Poll Observers)-- Support (revisions needed to observe counting of absentee ballots)

--H818 (Performance Bonds for Vendors)-- Neutral

--H851 (Open Primaries & Ranked Choice Voting)-- Strongly Oppose

Election language Still to be Inserted in Bills:

**UOCAVA Reforms

**Local BOE Transparency

**Out-of-State College Student Voting

**Retention of Election Records

**Standing for NCGA & Private Citizens

**Restrictions for Student/Campus Registration & Voting

Coordination Updates from NCEIT Working Groups

**Backbrief on Legislative Action Day (Thursday- May 18th)- Sue, Jane, Joanne

**NCEIT Update Briefings last week in in Davie County (May 16th) & New Hanover County (May 17th)

**Upcoming NCEIT Update Briefing in Onslow County (6:30PM, May 30)

Election Integrity Network Update- (EIN Staff)

**National Updates- Cleta, Ned, Others

Schedule of National Working Group Calls this week:

Tuesday (05.23)

  • 4 p.m. | Vulnerable Voters WG |

  • 6 p.m. | EIN: Citizen's Research Project |

Wednesday (05.24)

  • 2 p.m. | EIN: National Legislative WG |

  • 4 p.m. | EIN: National Voter Rolls WG |

Thursday (05.25)

  • 4 p.m. | EIN: Election Technology WG|

  • 7 p.m. | EIN: Introduction to Election Integrity Coalitions & Infrastructure |


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