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EIN Master Classes - Video Links - Categorized by the 8 Lanes of Election Integrity

Manym many thanks to Craig Seibert from Mecklenburg County for organizing this material from EIN. It's awesome! Craig also runs Christian Civics. You need to check out the work he does.

Craig Seibert


MASTER CLASS - ONBOARDING VIDEO LINKS – Categorized by the 8 Lanes

Provided by EIN – The Election Integrity Network

These video links will introduce you to the type of activities that are involved in each of the areas.   Some of the videos will mention all the research you can do or need to get up to speed on.   GOOD NEWS… a lot of that has been done in many areas… so you will not be starting from scratch !!!


Get a Citizens Guide -  Go to supply your email and get download


Task Force – Launching a Task Force

1~ County Board of Election Liaison (Leads all local Task Force interactions with CBE)​

3~ Mail Voting Processes  (Monitors how USPS & CBE handles all absentee ballots)​

2~ Poll Observers, employees, and greeters (Recruited & trained at all voting locations

4~ List Maintenance (Analyzes voter rolls and monitors SBE voter roll maintenance

5~ Vulnerable Voters (Assists with elder care, handicapped, and military ballots.)​

6~ Machines & Technology  (Monitors certification of machines & software)​

Task Force – Best Practices

Freedom of Information Act and Public Records Request Research

Task Force – Best Practices

7~ Statutory Provisions & Compliance (Legislative oversight and advocacy)​




Based on your interest area, begin to join these national calls that will train and equip you in everything you need to know and can bring back to the NCEIT-Mecklenburg County Team.   You need to click on the link in advance of the call and register in order to attend the call.   A best practice is to do this several hours in advance of the call.  


This link will be the most accurate and current of scheduled calls.


The general schedule is as follows:


(1) County BOE

THURS 4pm (1st/3rd) - National Call

Understanding and implementing best practices on Election Security and Auditing

(2) Polls

On Demand - Poll Observer and Siers Training

On Demand - Poll Observer and Siers Training

(3) Vote by Mail

TUE 4pm (1st/3rd) - National Call

Understanding and stopping exploitation through the use of vote-by-mail ballots and the USPS, as well as how to prevent it.

(4) List Maintenance

WED 4pm - weekly - National Call

Understanding and implmenting best practices for cleaning the voter rolls in your county and state.

(5) Vulnerable Voters

TUE 4pm (2nd/4th) - National Call

Protecting vulnerable voters from being exploited during each election cycle.

(6) Machines and Technology

THURS 4pm (2nd/4th)- National Call

Election technology and systems work and exchange ideas for how to prevent machine inaccuracy or exploitation.

(7) Legislature

WED 2pm - Weekly- National Call

Understanding and advancing state laws that make elections secure and fair

(8) Audit and Oversight

THURS 4pm (1st/3rd) - National Call

Understanding and implementing best practices on Election Security and Auditing



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