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Each Tuesday, Know What the Process is for Opening Absentee Ballots in NC Counties

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Every Tuesday across North Carolina, local Boards of Election conduct the opening and scanning of absentee ballots. YOU NEED TO BE THERE TO WITNESS that the process is correct, and ballots are handled securely.

The Process

a) Every BOE member inspects every container (envelope) to assure there is a witness signature/notary.

b) All BOE members open the containers. Lay ballots flat.

c) Ballots are run through the machine.

d) The number of containers (envelopes) must equal the number of ballots. (Ask to see the receipt.)

Don't be afraid to ask questions before or after the process. They need to see us and understand we are watching. Be nice.

This is what is not happening to secure absentee ballots that needs to be changed at the legislature: Ballots should be placed in a secure container and sealed with a tamper proof seal. All BOE members should sign. Then, the observer/citizen should ask to see the serial numbers on the seal. Take note of the serial number and write it down. (This is how cheating occurs. Anyone with a key to the machine can tamper with it. This is how it happens. This has to stop. The statutes need to be changed at the Legislature. SC has implemented this last step. We will have the demo video up on NCEIT for your perusal.)

What can you do about it?? Want to be part of assuring absentee ballots are secure? Join #7 Statutory Provisions & Compliance (Legislative oversight and advocacy) committee to establish a Permanent Infrastructure in every county!

We must establish committees to address each of these 8 components of election integrity. (See below for the (Eight Systems of Election Integrity) Find others who are motivated to lobby for election law changes to make it Easy to Vote. Hard to Cheat.

Contact your NCEIT team to get started. We will be having Zoom calls to get each county started in forming these committees.

Jim Womack: 919 770 4783

Jay Delancy 919 332 4129

Jane Bilello 209 986 3845

Sue Butcher 919 213 7165

REMEMBER From the NCEIT Training: We need to make County Board of Election Liaison a permanent committee along with the others below. For this primary, we can establish a Board of Elections committee and (2) Poll Observers, employees, and greeters (Recruited & trained at all voting locations.) After this Primary, we continue to meet and work to establish the other committees. There will be Zoom and in-person meetings to accomplish this. Thanks!!

FYI: You will be given access behind the firewall after you have created an account and we have vetted you. Please sign up at NCEIT training materials and videos are up there. Please check the website often because more information and videos will be uploaded. Plus, we now have the reporting app that will be ready by the end of the week of May 2, 2022. Call Jane if you have questions: 209 986 3845.


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