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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

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Liberal progressives across the country are trying to indoctrinate kids with a racist and Marxist ideology––critical race theory (CRT). The Left tries to deny that CRT is being taught to our school children, but the evidence plainly shows CRT is in our schools. Case in point, Heritage Action uncovered, and The Federalist reported a case out of Gwinnett County, Georgia, where critical race theory was clearly part of the curriculum. We uncovered a syllabus where critical race theory was not only to be taught, but it was to be used to analyze other subject matters. Students would learn to view everything through the lens of critical race theory. Here’s the exact quote, from the class syllabus (page 3):

Just a few days after the syllabus was discovered by Heritage Action’s research team, Gwinnett County Public Schools erased the PDF from their website. But not before we downloaded and saved a copy. They knew they slipped up, and we were here to expose them. >>>LISTEN to our podcast to learn more about CRT in Georgia’s largest public school district!

Exposing critical race theory is just a part of the work we’re doing in 2022 to create a positive school environment where kids are free to think and free to learn.

Heritage Action activists are backing state legislation to stop CRT indoctrination and create transparency around school curriculums. Greater transparency puts parents in the driver’s seat of their children’s education. In Georgia—where we uncovered this latest case of CRT in the classroom—we have backed bills like HB 888, HB 1084, and SB 377 which address this issue and make it illegal to force children to affirm and believe in the teachings of critical race theory. No child should be taught that they are inherently bad or guilty because of the color of their skin. And we’re fighting against racist CRT curriculums in states across America. For instance, Tuesday, our very own Nathan Duell gave testimony before the Arizona Senate Education committee.

3 ways to get involved and help fight back against CRT It’s time all Americans take a stand against the racist teachings of CRT. Here are 3 ways to help:

  1. Use the resources at – You can submit an open records (FOIA) request, download an activist ebook, and more.

  2. Advocate for State Legislation. We have a toolkit on the legislation in Georgia and there is more to come as more states introduce and debate legislation. Sign up here to be notified about future state work.

  3. Donate to support the fight. We’re working every month, all year long, to advance conservative policies and enact strategic WINS. We’re working on bills in over a dozen states, while still holding Washington, D.C. accountable.

In 2022, our activists are doing even more than in 2021, and they need your resources and support. A one-time gift or even a $15 recurring donation will go a long way to support the fight.

This is truly an “all hands on deck” moment in American history. So however you choose to serve, we thank you and appreciate your support. Best, Janae Stracke Director of Grassroots Heritage Action for America


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