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Conservatives Call for New House Leadership: YEAH!

Updated: Jan 8

Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where for the first time in 100 years, a Speaker of the House was not elected on the first vote. Or the second vote. This is because 19 conservatives voted for someone other than Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA). And then on a third vote, the opposition increased to 20 conservatives who all voted for Rep. Jim Jordan (OH). Who were these courageous conservatives?

  1. Reps. Andy Biggs (AZ)

  2. Dan Bishop (NC)

  3. Josh Brecheen (OK)

  4. Michael Cloud (TX)

  5. Andrew Clyde (GA)

  6. Eli Crane (AZ)

  7. Byron Donalds (FL)

  8. Matt Gaetz (FL)

  9. Bob Good (VA)

  10. Paul Gosar (AZ)

  11. Andy Harris (MD),

  12. Anna Paulina Luna (FL)

  13. Mary Miller (IL)

  14. Ralph Norman (SC)

  15. Andy Ogles (TN)

  16. Scott Perry (PA)

  17. Matt Rosendale (MT)

  18. Chip Roy (TX)

  19. Keith Self (TX)

The House will resume voting to name a new speaker at noon today. So what are these conservatives asking for? Last July, the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) released a public list of reforms they consider essential to fixing the broken Congress. They include restoring an open legislative process, empowering committees, giving conservatives representation on key committees, enforcing spending responsibility. By all accounts, the HFC members approached McCarthy to negotiate an agreement on these reforms, yet no agreement was reached. Yesterday, HFC Chairman Scott Perry released this statement before votes: “We asked for firm commitments on concrete policies for the benefit of the American People. When asked to promise votes on (1) a balanced budget, (2) the Fair Tax Act, (3) the Texas Border Plan, and (4) term limits for Members of Congress, he refused. “We requested transparent, accountable votes on individual earmarks that would require two-thirds support to pass, and to ensure that all amendments to cut spending would be allowed floor consideration. He dismissed it. “We demanded that he cease his efforts to defeat competitive conservative candidates in open Republican primaries. He denied it. “Kevin McCarthy had an opportunity to be Speaker of the House. He rejected it.” Rep. Matt Gaetz also detailed the failed negotiations, saying McCarthy refused to offer commitments on policy and process reforms. Adding to the conservative concerns, it was reported that last year,