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Busted: "Voter Suppression" Myth

Heritage Action For America Saturday Summary

Before we jump in, be sure to check out the latest episode of our podcast. Director of Grassroots Janae Stracke breaks down Heritage Action’s concerns about the recently passed $40 billion Ukraine funding bill.

If you recall, this bill was hastily passed after secret backroom negotiations among Congressional leadership. Rank-and-file members of Congress were cut out of the process, which means that the American people were cut out of the process. Congress is likely to try and spend billions more in Ukraine aid by September. We think there should be transparent debate, and that Congress and President Biden should answer some important questions that the American people have been asking. You can watch the podcast here.

BUSTED: “Voter Suppression” Myth

Georgia held their primary election this Tuesday while Pennsylvania held theirs over a week and a half ago. These two elections completely busted the Left’s myth of describing election integrity as “voter suppression.” Here’s how: Georgia:

  • Last year Governor Kemp signed into law a sweeping election integrity bill backed by Heritage Action. It standardized early voting while prohibiting private funding (or “ZuckBucks”) and also secured drop-boxes and banned ballot trafficking/harvesting.

  • Nearly the entire liberal media and Democrat politicians decried the bill as “voter suppression,” and Biden even called it “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.”

  • The MLB moved their All-Star game out of Atlanta, and other corporations like Coca-Cola and Delta embarrassed themselves by blindly parroting Democrat talking points.

  • This week, the Georgia primary elections showed the real effect of the new law: We saw record turnout with nearly 1.9 million Georgians voting (up 60% from 2018).

  • There were virtually no lines, unlike in the 2020 election, and Georgians can thank the new law for cleaning up the process.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania serves as a stark contrast:

  • After the disastrous 2020 election in Pennsylvania, the Republican-led legislature passed a sensible bill to clean up the mail-in process, but liberal Governor Tom Wolf vetoed the bill.

  • Now, Pennsylvanians are left wondering who their Republican nominee for Senate will be. It’s been nearly two weeks since the election, and voters still don’t have an answer.

  • The same issues that plagued the 2020 election –– misprinted and undated mail-in ballots –– are also plaguing this primary election.

  • Had Governor Wolf signed into law some common-sense election integrity reforms, this disaster of a process could have easily been avoided.

What’s the moral of the story? Election integrity is NOT “voter suppression” as the Left and their media allies would like you to believe. Rather, election integrity is about making it easy to vote and hard to cheat. Learn more at

So-Called “Domestic Terrorism” Bill

Last week, the House passed a “Domestic Terrorism” bill, with every Democrat voting for and nearly every Republican voting against (unsurprisingly, Rep. Adam Kinzinger was the sole Republican “Yay” vote). And this week the Senate took up the bill, but Senate Republicans stopped it from passing with a vote of 47-47. This bill is really a flimsy cover for a far-Left agenda that targets ordinary Americans, and shows the dangerous lengths to which Congressional Democrats want to empower President Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland to target their political enemies. If you recall:

  • Last year, Attorney General Merrick Garland was caught targeting parents who spoke up at school board meetings, labeling them as “domestic terrorists.”

  • And new whistleblower evidence shows that Biden’s Justice Department is again using counterterrorism tools to target parents that speak up against mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and critical race theory at school board meetings.

This new bill would have empowered Biden and Garland to continue targeting parents and go after their political enemies:

  • The bill is specifically targeted towards “White supremacists and neo-Nazis.” The problem with that is who the Left defines as “white supremacists.”

  • The Left has a proven record of calling anyone that dissents from their world view a “white supremacist, including concerned parents, elected officials like Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, activists like Christopher Rufo, news reporters like Tucker Carlson, and of course, all Trump voters.

It’s clear that this “Domestic Terror” bill was the Left’s not-so-subtle way of targeting their political opponents, and Americans of all stripes should be loudly opposed.

Oklahoma is Pro-Life

This week, Governor Stitt signed into law House Bill 4327, which protects life at conception and guarantees more babies their right life. Governor Stitt also vetoed two flawed pieces of legislation that were designed to only help a few Oklahoma families, but not all Oklahomans. You can read our full statement here. We’re looking forward to Governor Stitt’s special session in June to consider his new initiatives to help Oklahomans deal with crushing inflation.

Looking Ahead

Congress is out of session next week, but following the heinous murders at Robb Elementary in Texas, we’re likely to see negotiations around a legislative response. And it’s possible that the Senate could vote on a bill the week of June 6. In the wake of a tragedy, we’ve seen some politicians rush to insert themselves and their own political agendas. But sincere legislators will seek for real solutions that would have actually prevented the tragedy, while protecting the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans. Lastly, this Monday is Memorial Day, where we pause, reflect, and honor those who paid the ultimate price to defend our liberties and freedom. We hope you enjoy your day with loved ones. May you have a meaning-filled Memorial Day. Jessica and the Heritage Action team

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