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2023 NC House Committee Assignments Listed For Outreach

2023 NC House Committee Assignments Listed For Outreach

ELECTION LAW AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: Representative Mills, Chair; Representatives Dahle and Warren, Vice Chairs; Representatives A. Baker, K. Baker, Ball, Biggs, Blackwell, Buansi, Cotham, Davis, Dixon, Faircloth, Harrison, Iler, John, Riddell, Ward, Willingham, Willis, and Zenger.

EDUCATION - COMMUNITY COLLEGES: Representative Willis, Chair; Representative Wheatley, Vice Chair; Representatives Adams, Blackwell, Bradford, Brody, G. Brown, Clampitt, Clemmons, Elmore, John, Penny, Prather, Price, Roberson, Sauls, Tyson, and White.

EDUCATION- K-12: Representatives Blackwell, Cotham, and Torbett, Chairs; Representatives Brockman, Wheatley, and Willis, Vice Chairs; Representatives Ball, Biggs, Budd, Clemmons, Elmore, Fontenot, Gill, Iler, Johnson, Lambeth, Lofton, Lucas, Morey, Potts, Riddell, Shepard, Sossamon, Strickland, and von Haefen.

EDUCATION - UNIVERSITIES: Representatives Hardister and Pickett, Chairs; Representative Hastings, Vice Chair; Representatives Alexander, K. Baker, G. Brown, Buansi, Carney, Crutchfield, Davis, Hawkins, Howard, N. Jackson, Lambeth, Longest, Prather, and Reeder

ETHICS: Representatives Sauls and Wray, Chairs; Representative Setzer, Vice Chair; Representatives Carney, Cotham, Dahle, Davis, and Saine

FAMILIES, CHILDREN, AND AGING POLICY: Representatives Clampitt and Pierce, Chairs; Representatives K. Baker, Crawford, Greene, Liu, Lowery, Morey, Pyrtle, Reeder, Sasser, and Charles Smith.

HEALTH: Representative Potts, Senior Chair; Representatives K. Baker, Lambeth, Paré, Sasser, and White, Chairs; Representatives Cotham and Cunningham, Vice Chairs; Representatives Ball, Belk, Blackwell, Brisson, Brockman, Buansi, Carney, Cervania, Chesser, Crawford, Crutchfield, Dixon, Fontenot, Howard, Humphrey, Liu, Loftis, Lucas, Pierce, Pyrtle, Reeder, Setzer, Shepard, Tyson, Watford, Wheatley, and Wray

OVERSIGHT AND REFORM: Representatives Johnson and Warren, Chairs; Representatives Arp, Cervania, Chesser, Cleveland, Cunningham, Dahle, McNeely, Quick, Stevens, Torbett, and Willingham

REDISTRICTING: Representative D. Hall, Chair; Representatives Saine and Torbett, Vice Chairs; Representatives Brockman, Carney, Dixon, Fontenot, Hardister, Harrison, Hastings, Hawkins, A. Jones, B. Jones, Lowery, Mills, Reives, Stevens, and Warren.

REGULATORY REFORM: Representatives Riddell and Zenger, Chairs; Representatives Ager, A. Baker, Belk, Biggs, Blackwell, Bradford, Brody, T. Brown, Butler, Clampitt, Dahle, Kidwell, Paré, Price, and Stevens.

RULES, CALENDAR, AND OPERATIONS OF THE HOUSE: Representative D. Hall, Chair; Representatives Hastings, B. Jones, and Torbett, Vice Chairs; Representatives Bell, Brisson, Carney, Clemmons, Cotham, Cunningham, Dahle, Davis, Dixon, K. Hall, Hardister, N. Jackson, John, Mills, Paré, Quick, Reives, Saine, Tyson, White, Willingham, and Wray.

STATE GOVERNMENT: Representative Warren, Chair; Representatives Balkcom, Greene, F. Jackson, Jeffers, Pike, Ross, Charles Smith, Torbett, and Ward.

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