2022 FYI Primary Election Information

Updated: Jun 8

Sign Up for Observer Training in Asheville at NCEIT Asheville Poll Observer Training | Liberty First (libertyfirstgrassroots.com)

Sign Up to be a Henderson County Poll Observer here HCGOP: EARLY VOTING MAY 2022 POLL OBSERVERS (signupgenius.com)

Sign Up to be a Buncombe County Poll Observer here: (We are still looking for the sign up sheet. As soon as we have it, we will link it here.

NC State Board of Elections information Home Page | NCSBE


Buncombe County Early Voting Sites: April 28th - May 14th, 2022 early-voting-schedule.pdf (buncombecounty.org) Election Day: May 17th, 2022. All precincts are open.

Buncombe Board of Elections: Absentee By Mail In Progress + Other Resources https://www.buncombecounty.org/governing/depts/election/Default.aspx

Voting Data Downloads: Data Downloads - Election Services - Buncombe County | Asheville

Buncombe County Election Maps: Precincts/Districts: Maps - Election Services - Buncombe County |

Buncombe County Election Services: Temporary Office Workers and Site Rovers:

Election Services: Employment Opportunities - Buncombe County | Asheville



Early Primary Voting Sites: April 28th - May 14th, 2022. notice_of_primary_election_may_17_2022_final.pdf (hendersoncountync.gov).

Early Voting Locations, Dates and Hours: one-stop_flyer.pdf (hendersoncountync.gov)

Find Your Precinct GoMaps 4.0 (roktech.net)

Polling Locations/Precincts: Primary Election May 17th. All precincts are open. | Henderson County North Carolina (hendersoncountync.gov)

Interested in Being a Precinct Worker? Interested In Being a Precinct Worker? | Henderson County North Carolina (hendersoncountync.gov)

Henderson County Board of Elections Info: Public Information | Henderson County North Carolina (hendersoncountync.gov)

In Case You Missed It! Vital Info You Should Know!

Election Observer Training Manuel. Voter Integrity Project: 2020 Observer Resources.pdf - Google Drive

Look HERE to see how many voters are registered at an address or on a particular street (called Phantom Voters). vrcleaner.voterintegrityproject.com/VRCleaner/VRCleaner01.php

Voter Search: Voter Search (ncsbe.gov)

What Happens to your vote? What is the Canvass Period? Why doesn't NC have Voter ID? Find many answers to voting questions Voting 101 Voting 101 (electoraleducationfoundation.com)

The Dark Side of Voter Canvassing The dark side of voter canvassing . . . - Voter Integrity Project

“Zuckerbucks” and the 2020 Election - Imprimis (hillsdale.edu)

Tracing Mark Zuckerberg's Election Investment in NC - Updated Tracing Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Investment in North Carolina—UPDATED - Capital Research Center

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