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2022 FYI Primary Election Information

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Sign Up for Observer Training in Asheville at NCEIT Asheville Poll Observer Training | Liberty First (

Sign Up to be a Henderson County Poll Observer here HCGOP: EARLY VOTING MAY 2022 POLL OBSERVERS (

Sign Up to be a Buncombe County Poll Observer here: (We are still looking for the sign up sheet. As soon as we have it, we will link it here.

NC State Board of Elections information Home Page | NCSBE


Buncombe County Early Voting Sites: April 28th - May 14th, 2022 early-voting-schedule.pdf ( Election Day: May 17th, 2022. All precincts are open.

Buncombe Board of Elections: Absentee By Mail In Progress + Other Resources

Voting Data Downloads: Data Downloads - Election Services - Buncombe County | Asheville

Buncombe County Election Maps: Precincts/Districts: Maps - Election Services - Buncombe County |

Buncombe County Election Services: Temporary Office Workers and Site Rovers:

Election Services: Employment Opportunities - Buncombe County | Asheville



Early Primary Voting Sites: April 28th - May 14th, 2022. notice_of_primary_election_may_17_2022_final.pdf (

Early Voting Locations, Dates and Hours: one-stop_flyer.pdf (

Find Your Precinct GoMaps 4.0 (

Polling Locations/Precincts: Primary Election May 17th. All precincts are open. | Henderson County North Carolina (

Interested in Being a Precinct Worker? Interested In Being a Precinct Worker? | Henderson County North Carolina (

Henderson County Board of Elections Info: Public Information | Henderson County North Carolina (

In Case You Missed It! Vital Info You Should Know!

Election Observer Training Manuel. Voter Integrity Project: 2020 Observer Resources.pdf - Google Drive

Look HERE to see how many voters are registered at an address or on a particular street (called Phantom Voters).

Voter Search: Voter Search (

What Happens to your vote? What is the Canvass Period? Why doesn't NC have Voter ID? Find many answers to voting questions Voting 101 Voting 101 (

The Dark Side of Voter Canvassing The dark side of voter canvassing . . . - Voter Integrity Project

“Zuckerbucks” and the 2020 Election - Imprimis (

Tracing Mark Zuckerberg's Election Investment in NC - Updated Tracing Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Investment in North Carolina—UPDATED - Capital Research Center

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