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Election Canvas: What to look for at the Primary Election Canvas on March 15, 2024

Updated: Mar 14

Canvas of the March 5th, 2024 Primary Election takes place Friday, March 15th at your local Board of Elections offices.

What to look for:

  1. (include the hand/eye adjudication)

  2. How many mail in ballots (absentees) were delivered after the deadline on election day? (Called supplemental civilizan) What did they do with them? Voted or rejected?

  3. How many provisional ballots were there? (Provisional Ballots by County) Where were they from? How many were were voted?

  4. How many provisional ballots included Exception Forms? How many were accepted and what were the reasons for acceptance or rejection?

  5. How many 17 year olds voted? (They turn 18 by General Election Day.)

  6. UOCAVA: Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (Provisional Ballots by County) a. How many military ballots were there? b. How many civilian oversease ballots were there? c. How were the military and overseas ballots transcribed? (They come in via FAX or email and need to be transcribed onto a ballot.) Were the names and votes called out? Was it a group of 1 Republican and 1 Democrat transcribing their votes?

  7. Are there any opened ballot boxes? Ask why if there were.

  8. Make sure the tabulator is locked and secured properly with seals and stored in a secure place. (BOE Director should call out seals for the screen and the box.) See demo video of what the scanner should look like before and after scanning



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