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Vulnerable Voters: Letter to Nursing Homes

Updated: Jul 22

Dear (make sure you use the person’s name)

The right to free and fair elections is the foundation of our country. Many of our seniors have made invaluable contributions to all of our freedoms, and have even gone to war to protect them. Protecting their votes, no matter who they vote for or what party they support, is a moral imperative for all of us.

Yet there are many cases reported and prosecuted nationwide indicating that the ballots and political voices of many of our treasured seniors are particularly vulnerable to intimidation, manipulation and even outright fraud.

As a long-term care facilities director, we know that protecting your residents’ votes is a key priority for you, and our non-partisan citizen group _______ would be honored to assist and provide resources to you in this important effort.

There are two important groups that must be engaged to protect the votes of residents in long term care facilities. The first is your valued facility leadership and care staff, and the second, your residents and their family members. Below are some suggestions and resources for you to address vote security with both groups.

· ∙ Please visit where you can find a “Senior Citizen Voter Bill of Rights.” This organization, American Constitutional Right Union, has provided this Guide as a tool and resource for anyone to download and use to inform both facility staff and residents.

· ∙ You can also use this short video on “Stranger Danger” also provided by ACRU to open a dialogue about protecting senior voters: or search “ACRU YouTube Stranger Danger.”

· ∙ To help understand the laws of OUR STATE that govern senior voting, please visit THESE STATUTES. (Give a quick overview of the laws including those for ballot trafficking, “assisting” voters with ballots, any criminal penalties that may apply and specific steps and requirements for absentee ballots.)

· ∙ OUR STATE also has a vote fraud hotline that can be accessed at: 000-000-0000. Additional resource can be found at our COUNTY/CITY election office at PHONE and WEBSITE.

· ∙ If your residents are interested in confirming their voter registration, this information can be found at COUNTY OR ELECTION OFFICE NUMBER AND WEBSITE or may be easily accessed at which has a voter database in OUR STATE.

· ∙ Your residents and their families can also track an absentee ballot at (Check to see if your state or county is a member of BallotTrax.)

As engaged citizens, OUR GROUP is here to bring awareness to some of the vulnerabilities of senior voting, the laws governing them, and to partner with you to make sure all of your staff and residents are aware of the importance of protecting every citizen’s ballot.


We hope you will find the above information valuable, and that these resources will aid you as you take an active role in protecting resident votes. If you have any further questions, or if there is any other information, we can provide you please contact me at CONTACT IINFORMATION.


NAME will be calling you soon as a follow up to this letter to arrange a meeting on this important topic, and we will look forward to scheduling that at your earliest convenience.


NAME will be calling you soon as a follow up to this letter to arrange a meeting with you on this important topic, which we will look forward to scheduling at your earliest convenience. We hope that we can work with you and your activities director to provide your staff and residents with a short, informative and patriotic and non-partisan session on how best to make sure every ballot at YOUR FACILITY is received and counted by YOUR LOCAL ELECTION OFFICE.

Thank you for what you do for our seniors, and for your review of the above information.

Mary Jones ANYTOWN County Election Integrity Task Force Vulnerable Voters Committee PHONE and EMAIL

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