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Sample Letter 2: To Buncombe County Board of Education to Implement Parents Bill of Rights

From Staci Metcalf, Buncombe County, NC to School Board.


Below is the email I will be sending to BCS Board and also my example for you to look at and send your own email. Please personalize by changing, adding to or taking away from so that it will line up with your experiences, beliefs and desires for your children's education. The Board needs to see these emails hit their inbox within the next week to make a difference. I am also recommending:

1. You email again during the week leading up to the board meeting on December 7.

2. You copy and paste from this email and send it out to each of your liberty-minded friends who want to stand in the gap for our children in public schools.

3. Show up to the December 7 School Board meeting at 5pm to sign up and speak, even if it is just reading the email out loud that you have sent. But if you just can't make yourself speak publicly, at least show up and make your presence known by standing when asked to stand if you agree with what has been said publicly. We really need EVERYONE to show up that can. Please help us stand for our children. ONLY TWO OF US SHOWED UP AT THE NOVEMBER 2 BUNCOMBE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD MEETING. IF WE DON'T SHOW UP, WE HAVE NO VOICE. THE OTHER SIDE IS OVERWHELMINGLY OUTNUMBERING US AT THESE MEETINGS. THE OTHER SIDE IS SHOWING UP, THEY ARE SPEAKING, and THE BOARD IS LISTENING! EVEN THOUGH IT IS STATE LAW, THE BOARD IS LEANING TOWARDS NOT IMPLEMENTING THE PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS. WE HAVE TO ACT NOW. WE MUST BOMBARD THEM WITH EMAILS IN FAVOR OF IMPLEMENTING THIS LAW AND SHOW UP AT THE NEXT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING ON DECEMBER 7 AT 5PM.

Email to Buncombe County Board of Education at

To: Our Buncombe County School Board

First, let me say thank you for your sacrifice of time in fulfilling your position to watch over the education of our precious children. It is a very important position and extremely crucial in this season.

I am emailing so that my voice is heard. It is difficult for me to get to the board meetings at the time they are scheduled due to my job/commitments/childcare. Public Comment signup ends before those of us who work can get out of the parking lot. I thank you for this opportunity to email my thoughts, needs and concerns. I, also, thank you for taking the time to hear and really think about the concerns I have. The Parents' Bill of Rights (SB49) is a bill, as you already know, that creates a transparency regarding school curriculum; affirms parents rights to object to curriculum and to be involved in schools; affirms parents rights to the medical records of their children; and prohibits teaching gender ideology in K-4th grade.

Parents are and should be the primary educators of their children and want/need to know what they are learning. The Parents Bill of Rights was needed to protect parental rights, address their concerns and access to curricula, and prohibit instruction on sexual orientation. Public schools should be focused on basic education in reading, math, writing, science and social studies. It is best when moral teaching is left at home with parents, and therapy to the parent's choosing of outside therapists to help their children deal with social and emotional issues as it has been for decades.

As I sit and listen, either in person or through the live video, to those speaking during public comment at school board meetings against this bill, I hear bashing of conservatives and Christians who just want their children taught the basics of education as school was created to do. They use descriptions such as, "a small group of people spreading fear" or "a small group of people making life difficult" or "a group demanding their way and not caring for their neighbors or others." These statements simply are not true. We do care for everyone but our first responsibility is to make sure our children's education doesn't cross the line, leading our children away from the education being taught at home in regards to their faith and beliefs.

I am not trying to force any of my beliefs on those who do not agree with me. I simply just want my children and grandchildren taught the basics of education.

I would be fine with removing the libraries from public schools so there is no "battle" over what is appropriate and what isn't since there seem to be so many differences in what we see appropriate and inappropriate. All families (traditional, traditional blended, non-traditional, non-traditional blended, single parent homes, etc) could simply take their children to a public library and check out books of their preferred choices or access digitally with parent's knowing what their children were accessing. Then children could be exposed to the books that line up with their families faith and beliefs instead of exposing children to books that do not.

Again, if we were simply teaching the basics of education, none of this would be an issue. Let's just get back to the basics, but until we do, we need to follow the law of SB49, which, as stated above, creates a transparency regarding school curriculum; affirms parents rights to object to curriculum and to be involved in schools; affirms parents rights to the medical records of their children; and prohibits teaching gender ideology in K-4th grade.

Thank you for hearing me and thank you for following the law that has been passed to help parents maintain their crucial role as the leaders of their family and children.



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