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Republican Hacks SABOTAGE Conservatives: John Kane To End The RNC’s Reign In North Carolina

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The RNC exists to re-elect Republicans who abandon and betray the GOP platform.

Candidate for the Chairman of the North Carolina GOP John Kane is here to talk about how the establishment RNC works against true conservatives.

Republicans rarely hold politicians accountable and in return none of the GOP’s policy goals get implemented.

The only politicians who can deliver victories for their constituents are the ones who are not part of the good old boy system.

Last cycle the North Carolina GOP took in more money from the RNC than it did from all North Carolinians combined.

Current NC GOP Chair Michael Whatley ran for Vice Chairman of the RNC and finished a distant third.

Two weeks after his loss he was appointed General Counsel of the RNC.

Michael Whatley has never practiced law and didn’t have an active law license until May of this year.

This is how states become wholly owned subsidiaries of the RNC.

The system is set up to protect the powerful and disenfranchise voters who cannot afford the fees associated with the NC GOP state convention.

The RNC is not only lying to the grassroots but also lying to some in the big donor class.

We must tear down the false divides that have been created with truth and transparency.

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