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Public Records Request for Absentee Envelopes From Your BOE

When you attend your local Board of Elections meetings when they are opening and scanning absentee ballots, submit a Public Records Request (form Letter below) requesting copies of the absentee ballot containers. You need to fill in YOUR information. Suggest you hand deliver it. Ask for a receipt of delivery. (It's not going to make you popular with the BOE!)

[Your Name]

[Street Address]

[City, ST ZIP Code]


[Name of Custodian of Records]


[Company Name]

[Street Address]

[City, ST ZIP Code]

Director County Board of Elections County Board of Elections Director:

Pursuant to Chapter 132 of the North Carolina General Statutes, I respectfully request the opportunity to inspect and obtain copies of the following public records:

1. The total listing of all names of all absentee by-mail ballots returned, board approved and scanned, including but not limited to the in-person return logs from One Stop locations and the main office as they become available.

2. Copies of the container-envelopes with redactions according to statute.