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Precious Little Time to Mobilize to Fix the NC Omnibus Bill Headed to the House

Submitted by Jim Womack

Wednesday, 6/22. 2023, The NC Senate actually released a 3rd Edition of S747 with three amendments, then passed it out of committee and the Senate on third reading. It is now in the House for consideration next week. We have precious little time to get folks mobilized and in action.

Here's what I have discovered in my brief review of Edition 3:

1. Edition 3 preserves much of the language in Edition 2 (which we have numerous objections to).

2. Edition 3 amended the anti-Zuckerbucks provisions of Sections 1 and 2 to also prohibit "in-kind" contributions- a nice improvement that we had asked for.

3. Edition 3 adds the requirement for NCSBE to conduct a pilot test of signature verification software and procedures during the 2024 primary period in 10 counties, and to report lessons learned to the NCGA for additional statutory consideration. The Pilot Test is described in Section 33 of the edition.

I am seriously disappointed in our Senate contacts failing to address the vast majority of things we provided and discussed with them. Clearly, they were not motivated to move the needle on election integrity.

Here is the link to Edition 3 that is now engrossed and awaiting on the House docket:

Beginning Friday through all of next week we need to rally the troops to get the House to fix this deficient bill. I will be sending out a special message Friday to our 1066 active NCEIT members to make repetitive phone calls to all House targets advocating for meaningful election law changes- including H770 and H772, along with fixing the many deficiencies in S747.




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