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North Carolina Agrees to Release Records Showing Foreigners Voted

Comment Submitted by John Pizzo, Raleigh Resident

Back in 2012, I was able to obtain a list of more than 3,000 people from my county who had to recuse themselves from jury duty based on a self-declared lack of citizenship. Of that number of admitted non-citizens, I was able to locate 528 who were "somehow" on my county's voter rolls, including 247 who had already voted at least once. How many more are doing so now, a decade later.

They committed vote fraud and were able to get away with it. Many of them are likely still getting away with it. If you ever wonder why the Democrats are encouraging millions of foreigners to illegally enter the US every year, there is your answer as to "WHY."

In case you don't realize it, if you're not a citizen but want to vote like one, all you have to do is ......... put an 'x' in the 'yes' check box. Eezy-peezy. You're on the honor system. No proof required.


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