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NCEIT Legislative Action Day March 9th. Lobby For These Bills!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Please lobby your NC House Reps to sponsor, co-sposor, and vote for these election integrity bills.

The bills in Green need our support. Talk to you NC Reps and your Senators to approve, vote sponsor, co-sponsor.

The bills in Black need language changes that NCEIT is working to revise.

The bills in Red we strenuously oppose.

Election Bills Introduced by NCGA as of 6 March 2023:

--S89 (No Private $ in Elections)- Support

--H109 (Certain Prohibitions/Working/Voting)- Conditional Support, needs language changes that NCEIT is working to fix. Language is too general and could likely affect workers.

--H191 (Popular Election) - Strenuously Oppose. This is to get rid of the Electoral College! (Two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for lunch!)

Observer Bill will be sponsored. By Wednesday, we will have a definitive sponsors. Call these House Representatives Rep Ted Davis, Rep Joe Pike, and Rep George Cleveland. Then call your NC House Reps in your district and tell them to support the above 'Support' bills. Find your NC House Member here.

Coordination Updates from NCEIT Working Groups

**Legislative Action Day for Liberty First Grassroots on Thursday, March 9, 2023 (Sue Butcher)


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