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Municiple Elections in Your County? Judges and Poll Observer Training

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Dear NCEIT County Coordinators:

Do you have municipal elections coming up this fall in your county? We need you to check with your GOP Chair and local Board of Elections so we can begin poll observer and judges training with JOG for the municipal elections. (Judges/Observers/Greeters

Please note: Some counties have NO 2023 elections such as Clay, Henderson, Polk, Surry, Stanley, Person, Gates, Currituck, Hyde, and Craven.

They are the white counties and noted in the map legend at this link Upcoming Election | NCSBE


The goal is to

  1. Document the county/municipal election locations and dates that have Republican partisan races.

  2. Make decisions on what areas need training of judges and or poll observers and by what timeline (date).

  3. Connecting pre trained Poll Observers from previous elections, tap their resources and follow up with additional training.

What to do:

1) Contact the county GOP Chair for the candidate filing (Friday, July 21, 2023) and find out who the Republicans are running for office. (This is the link Upcoming Election | NCSBE) *

Who is running for office from the GOP in your municipal elections in 2023? Who are the Republican judges assigned to precinct locations? Who is your poll observer coordinator? Need contact information for both poll observers and judges to set up training.

2) Send County/candidates/poll observer and judge contact information to Sue Butcher and so we can schedule training via Zoom.

*(Jim Womack said for sure not to bother with elections that did not have a Republican running.)

We can begin to examine the list of partisan races from the Local Voter Tool page. Although the filing deadline is this Friday July 21st. I would suggest we officially start next Monday or certainly anytime after Friday of this week - July 21st, 2023)

Let's look at an example.

Notice: All Candidates filed are at Large and no Party affiliation. I am aware the Wake GOP will be interviewing and making a decision on their choice of best candidate for many of these positions. (Sue Butcher)


I believe it is a monster project to wrap our heads around. So, please see below.

COUNTY COORDINATORS: Please try to find someone in your county who would be willing to help train your poll observers and judges. Sue and Jane will guide them. This is a tremendous undertaking since we have 100 counties. Please try to find someone willing to take on this task. Remember, we need to make these task forces permanent because the left has set up shop permanently and they are not going away.

August County Coordinator's and Others Zoom on Wednesday, August 9th at 7PM and again on Sunday, August 13th at 7PM. PLEASE LOOK FOR THE EMAIL WITH LINKS. l will also post on Task Forces

We will review

  • Poll observer/judges training for municipal elections 2023

  • the legislation passed/and not that will affect us and what twill be put on the #7 Statutory Provision & Compliance task force for the next NCGA session (including Voter ID)

  • the FOIA requests to BOE - critical

  • Eagle I preparation

  • Your questions/concerns, etc.


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