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May 13th, 2023 Hard Date to Submit BOE Nominations & others

County Coordinators/Board of Elections Liaisons

Please remind your GOP County Chairs to nominate the names of BOE members and Judges and poll workers need to be submitted. The below regards BOE members. There is unequal representation of judges and poll workers statewide. They need to get these lists together. Thanks.

As required under N.C.G.S. § 163 and North Carolina law, the time has come for each County Party to nominate three individuals to serve on the County Board of Elections for a consecutive two-year term. Time is of the essence, as we must receive all required information by May 13th. This is a hard deadline that must be adhered to for your nominees to be placed on the Board. Attached to this email is a step-by-step PDF guide outlining the actions that should be taken to ensure a smooth and effective nomination process. Please refer to this document and reach out to us with any questions you may have. In simple terms, your County Executive Committee will need to vote on three individuals to recommend. Two will end up being appointed. As outlined in the document, please (1) send each nominee the DocuSign link for them to fill out and (2) send back your Committee’s order of preference among the three nominees to The DocuSign link is: Upon submission of the three nominees, with all necessary documentation, we will review and submit to the State Board of Elections with the required cover letter of nomination from Chairman Michael Whatley. Please note, there is a requirement to submit three nominations of individuals "of good moral character who are registered in the county in which they are to act." If you have any questions please let me or Matt Judge ( know.


Jason Simmons

Executive Director

This is the memo from NCGOP to NC GOP Chairs regarding May 13th date

MEMO: Instructions for County Board of Elections Nominations As required under N.C.G.S. § 163 and North Carolina law, each county party chair is required to nominate three individuals to serve on the County Board of Elections for a consecutive two-year term. Below are the following specific steps that must be completed for a smooth and effective nomination process. All final nominations and their information must be submitted to by May 13, 2023.

1. Email Each county chair and vice-chair will receive an email from the NCGOP containing general instructions regarding the nomination process and further steps to take. Within this email, there will be an embedded DocuSign link that contains the required application that each nominee must fill out and complete in a timely manner. Once the nominee completes the DocuSign application, we will gather the names from the DocuSign return and begin the process of preparing the necessary paperwork required by the State Board of Elections for appointment.

2. Nominees As mentioned above, the county party will select three individuals whom you would like to nominate to serve on the County Board of Elections. No prior election experience is required. If the nominee holds any position within the County or State Party, they must resign prior to appointment. You will forward the email we sent to each of the selected nominees that you have chosen and instruct them to fill out the DocuSign form in full. Please have them fill this form out as soon as possible so we can verify the information and check for errors.

3. Preference List After selecting your three nominees, please email with a list of your three nominees in order of preference. In the email subject line, please state your county. For example, “Wake BOE Nominees”. Generally, the State Board will appoint your top two selections barring some undisclosed information on the nominee. This is the final step you will have to take. Please ensure however that all three of your nominees complete the DocuSign application as soon as possible so we can prepare the necessary paperwork. Without all three applications and your preference list, we cannot submit your nominations to the State Board.

4. Chairman Whatley Letter After we have received your preference list and all three of the nominee's applications, Chairman Whatley will prepare a letter that will be sent to the State Board. At their scheduled meeting, they will appoint two individuals to sever on your County Board of Elections.

5. State Board Notification The State Board will notify the County Chair and each of the selected nominees after they hold their appointment meeting. The meetings are publicly broadcasted and can be found on the State Board of Elections website on the day of the meeting. Please feel free to let your nominees know. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. This is a vital task that ensures we continue our fight for free and fair elections across all one hundred counties. Thank you again for all you do!


North Carolina Republican Party Legal Team (919) 828-6423 | legal@ncgop.org


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