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Once Again! Asheville Ground Zero for Corruption

Business owners appeared on Fox and Friends with this:

Business owners and workers in a Democrat-run North Carolina tourist town - ASHEVILLE - said their downtown district is deteriorating amid rising crime, rampant homelessness and diminishing police. Read more here

Rank Choice Voting Operatives in Asheville! I will have more on this. In the meantime, Buncombe folks need to wake up about these operatives and push back with ads discrediting them. Below are notes from National Work Group RCV calls. Model Legislation

  • RCV failed in MA by about 10%. I want to note it’s a pretty deep blue state. Our example in MA is a reasonable roadmap to beating this back in blue states and without a lot of money. The yes side raised about 10 million for the yes side, and about 10,000 for the no side. Just looking at the map, it gives you a sense of the demographics and the groups we were able to connect with. The academic institutions voted for RCV while the blue collar working class voted against it. RCV boils down to 4 major questions

    • Guarantee a majority winner?

    • Ensure full voter participation?

    • Increase civility in campaigns?

    • End the need for strategic voting?

  • More than 60% of winners don’t get a majority of all the votes under an RCV system. You need to literally remove votes from the count in order to get to a winner in RCV. You end up with a situation where the winner had 14 votes out of 30 votes. Exhausted ballots are the fatal conceit of RCV. Folks in MA were really turned off by that. Why should your ballot be discarded just because you didn’t participate in this convoluted system? Even with more RCV voting elections, the percentage of ballots exhausted is still very high. Even with the number of candidates increasing, you still see higher exhausted ballots. Even with the number of the RCV elections, you don’t see the number of exhausted ballots drop. It can disenfranchise minority, less-educated, and older voters. The data is not the most important aspect, you have to connect with people emotionally. It screws people over. Exhausted ballots are what you have to harp on. This is a survey from FairVote itself. One of the points I want to leave is that we have to keep our opposition to RCV non-partisan. This includes Governor Gavin Newsom, Senator Mark Begich, and the NAACP. It doesn’t reduce campaigning or take money out of politics. RCV also does not end strategic voting either. You can fight RCV even if you are outspent 1000 to one. If you’re in an RCV area, you have to stack the ballot with candidates who are favorable to what you believe.

  • Better yet. We need to pass legislation to permanently OUTLAW this hideous shredding our our Constitutional rights! Model Legislation


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