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Here's What Biden Didn't Tell You ...

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On Thursday, Biden gave his State of the Union address and tried to gaslight the country into believing that everything was fine.He bragged about the strength of the economy while 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. He blamed Congress for an open border while it is his executive actions that have sucked in 10+ million illegal immigrants from around the world. And he repeated the tired old line that democracy is at risk, while members of his party have actively tried to ban his chief political opponent from the ballot – a move that the Supreme Court unanimously decided was unconstitutional.Here are some other things Biden didn’t talk about:

Spending Boondoggle

Congress has come to an agreement on how to fund the government until the end of the fiscal year in September. But the needed spending cuts were not included.The first of two government-funding bills was passed in the House and Senate this week. Most Democrats voted “yes” as Biden is getting everything he wants. Most of the opposition came from conservative Republicans who understand that inflation is high because Congress spends too much.Our national debt is $34 trillion and yearly interest payments on that debt are about to surpass defense spending. Those voting “yes” on this bill completely ignored America’s fiscal crisis.For these reasons, Heritage Action recommended that Members of Congress vote “NO.”

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This $436 billion ‘minibus’ package combines six of the twelve necessary appropriations bills that fund the government. Next week Congress is expected to pass the remaining six bills as a second minibus further adding inflationary pressures to the economy.No victory is ever final, and no defeat is ever permanent. The House Budget Committee’s FY25 budget resolution provides a rare moment of sound conservative leadership, calling for fiscal responsibility and meaningful border security—the top two priorities of the American people.We must continue to fight for America’s future, and this budget resolution represents a clear roadmap for Americans to hold their elected officials accountable to during the annual appropriations process.

In Case You Missed It

TikTok’s time is running outThe House Commerce Committee voted 50-0 to pass the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act of 2024, which defends America’s national security and protects Americans from surveillance by a CCP controlled TikTok.As long as the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) controlled parent company, ByteDance, maintains control of TikTok, the app would not be permitted to operate in the United States. This bill requires TikTok to be sold (or divested) from CCP control, in order to continue to operate in the U.S.

ByteDance has the ability to access the private data of all of TikTok’s users (about 170 million Americans) and deliver it to the CCP creating a massive national security risk. As the committee was preparing to vote on this bill, TikTok began denying access to its users unless they called Congress and told them not to support the bill. This plan backfired and TikTok accidentally displayed exactly why they should not be allowed to operate under the control of a foreign adversary.Heritage Action is considering designating this bill as a Key Vote and will keep you informed about its progress.The Grassroots ArmyPublic comments are one of the most effective ways to fight back against the administrative state. So when we told you that Biden’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was planning on forcing federally mandated driver monitoring systems into your car, you responded with great force.

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