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CPI Partners Update

April 1, 2022

Asheville Tea:

Your support enabled us to:

  • Host SCOTUS war rooms against Ketanji Brown Jackson.

  • Expose former Federal Reserve Board nominee Sarah Bloom Raskin’s unethical past.

  • Defend Sen. Rick Scott after he had the courage to give Americans a policy plan.

  • Build agreement among conservatives on how to really stop Big Tech’s abuses.

  • Host two statewide Election Integrity Summits – in Arizona and Florida – to build permanent infrastructure against fraud and error.

CPI exists to build, serve, and unite the movement–and we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

Sincerely,Ed Corrigan

President & CEOCPI Preps Senate Staff for Ketanji Brown Jackson

She’s not a biologist. And she can’t define a woman. But she’s the left’s choice to be our next Supreme Court Justice.Even before President Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, CPI was preparing Senate staff from the key Senate offices who would be vetting her.

In SCOTUS war rooms with CPI staff and conservative organizations from across the country, we identified ways that outside organizations can help Senate staffers prepare for Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings.

We urged groups to find people who were harmed by Jackson’s soft-on-crime and soft-on pedophiles policy.

And we continue to work hand-in-glove with staffers, Senators, and movement allies to make sure those who are vetting Brown-Jackson get the details they need.American Accountability Foundation (AAF) Exposes Fed Nominee

Sarah Bloom Raskin is now an ex-nominee thanks to the government oversight group CPI launched last year.