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CPI Partners Update

April 1, 2022

Asheville Tea:

Your support enabled us to:

  • Host SCOTUS war rooms against Ketanji Brown Jackson.

  • Expose former Federal Reserve Board nominee Sarah Bloom Raskin’s unethical past.

  • Defend Sen. Rick Scott after he had the courage to give Americans a policy plan.

  • Build agreement among conservatives on how to really stop Big Tech’s abuses.

  • Host two statewide Election Integrity Summits – in Arizona and Florida – to build permanent infrastructure against fraud and error.

CPI exists to build, serve, and unite the movement–and we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

Sincerely,Ed Corrigan

President & CEOCPI Preps Senate Staff for Ketanji Brown Jackson

She’s not a biologist. And she can’t define a woman. But she’s the left’s choice to be our next Supreme Court Justice.Even before President Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, CPI was preparing Senate staff from the key Senate offices who would be vetting her.

In SCOTUS war rooms with CPI staff and conservative organizations from across the country, we identified ways that outside organizations can help Senate staffers prepare for Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings.

We urged groups to find people who were harmed by Jackson’s soft-on-crime and soft-on pedophiles policy.

And we continue to work hand-in-glove with staffers, Senators, and movement allies to make sure those who are vetting Brown-Jackson get the details they need.American Accountability Foundation (AAF) Exposes Fed Nominee

Sarah Bloom Raskin is now an ex-nominee thanks to the government oversight group CPI launched last year.

AAF identified two types of problems with Raskin. First, she wanted to use the supervisory power of the Fed to force banks to divest from the fossil fuel industry and increase their investment in renewables. This is may be leftist orthodoxy, but it’s not part of the Fed’s mandate. Second, AAF found out that Raskin was at the heart of a revolving door scheme that benefitted her family significantly. After her time at the Obama administration’s Treasury Department, Raskin lobbied for special access to the banking system for Reserve Trust, a small financial technology company owned by her husband, U.S. Congressman Jamie Raskin. AAF kept the attention on Raskin and made her nomination unsustainable – and the Senate Banking committee ultimately fought against her nomination. The New Yorker reported on the story, calling both AAF and CPI “conservative dark money” groups.

Rachel Bovard Talks Big Tech at CPAC

The word is out: You can't shame tech companies into better behavior.

In February, Rachel joined Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist (where Rachel is the senior tech columnist) on stage at the 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference. They discussed Big Tech companies’ hypocrisy, censorship, and arbitrary rules. After the midterm elections, the right will need to put forth a Big Tech agenda that has teeth. CPI has been meeting with House and Senate staff as they consider whether to move away from simply asking tech companies to be more transparent to something more substantial – the establishment of a select committee to investigate the true extent of Big Tech’s abuses. Read Rachel’s recent article in The Federalist explaining why we need a congressional committee to look into Big Tech. And check out the praise she received from former Attorney General Bill Bar on Twitter.

DeSantis Headlines CPI's Election Integrity Summit in Orlando

Hundreds of Floridians are working with CPI’s Election Integrity Network to ensure that the mischief that occurred in their state during the 2020 general elections doesn’t happen again.

The Florida Election Integrity Summit, held March 25-26 in Orlando, took attendees step-by-step through the “Citizens’ Guide to Building an Election Integrity Infrastructure,” published by CPI and available at The summit included CPI’s Cleta Mitchell, members of the Florida legislature, Heritage Action for America, the James Madison Institute, Tea Party Patriots, and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, prominent election law attorneys, and grassroots activists. Governor Ron DeSantis urged attendees to show courage as they stand up for election integrity. Under DeSantis, Florida will be the first in the nation to establish a state Election Crimes Investigation Unit. “You’ll face flaming arrows,” said the governor, “but if you speak the truth, you will prevail. I’m on a mission to keep Florida free.” To date, CPI’s Election Integrity Network has hosted summits in Virginia, Georgia, Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania, to empower citizens to set up permanent election integrity infrastructures in their states.

CPI's Annual Report is Online!

You did incredible things in 2021.

  • You launched five new conservative groups.

  • You mobilized an army of conservative poll watchers in Virginia

  • You disqualified two woke Biden nominees.

  • You trained and placed hundreds of conservative staffers.

  • You established CPI Studios- for real conservative fighters who want to get the message out.

  • and much more….

Get the whole story in CPI’s 2021 Annual Report – now available online! Read it, send it to a fellow conservative, and share it on social media!

CPI Backs up Sen. Rick Scott After Establishment Attacks

It takes guts to show Americans what you stand for...

When Senator Rick Scott had the nerve to tell Americans what a conservative policy agenda should look like in his 11-point Plan to Rescue America – he was attacked by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. You may have read about the reaction the plan caused, and Sen. Scott's vigorous defense of it. CPI Chairman Jim DeMint praised Scott's plan with this recent op-ed in The Federalist as did CPI’s Rachel Bovard. On March 21, CPI hosted a call in which CPI partners got to hear from – and speak with – Sen. Scott, Jim DeMint, and CPI Senior Partner Mark Meadows to talk about Scott’s plan.


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