Buncombe County Poll Observer Sign-Up

Updated: 4 days ago

Information for Buncombe County

Your Political Party needs to sign you up for Poll Observing.

Contact Bobbi Shiplett at the Buncombe GOP Office. 801 455 0780 bobbishiplett@gmail.com

You need to be a member of NCEIT to gain access to the many Member Resources available to Poll Observers including training videos and state statutes. Log on to NCEIT.org/Join Us https://www.nceit.org/ fill out the form. It's free.

Then, contact Jane@NCEIT.org. You need to sign up for the State Election Integrity Reporting System - SEIRS - to report your poll obserrver experience on the Incident Reports.

Send Jane@NCEIT.org your name, phone, email, county, and precinct so I can get you in the system. You will get a welcome email. Change your password and you're good to go!

Very Important!! If you have had no training or want a refresher, there will be 4 opportunities in our area. In person in Henderson and Buncombe and 2 Zoom calls. See link below.

Poll Observer Training In-Person and Zoom Calls.

Click here for dates, time, and locations. https://www.ashevilleteaparty.org/post/in-case-you-missed-it-poll-observer-training-live-and-zoom.

Thanks so much for caring. Our nation needs us NOW. Only you can make a difference. Hope to see all of you soon! Jane Bilello 209 986 3845.