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ATP: Who are we? What do we do?



         Q:  Is there a charge for membership?

A:  No.  We do not have members. We have subscribers.  Sign up for our free newsletter at to stay informed and to participate in our events.


           Q:  What does ‘TEA’ stand for?  Aren’t you a political party?  

A:  TEA stands for:  Taxed Enough Already.  We are not a political party.  We are part of a movement that began in 2009 to re-educate our citizens and to take our country back from our corrupt political party system that is bankrupting our nation and eroding our Founding principles.


          Q:  What happens to my information if I donate?

A:  It remains safe with ATP.  It is not ever given to any other organization (unless we have your permission) including the IRS. 


          Q:  Isn’t there a ‘national tea party’ organization that ‘runs’ the tea parties or other grassroots organizations?

A:  There is no ‘national tea party.’  There are only organizations that pose themselves to be so they can collect your donations that go to their salaries.  ATP Board takes no salaries.  ATP donations stay here to bring you many events, educational forums, purchase books, DVDs, maintain our website, and give away over 8,000 Constitutions at events. 



Benefits of Getting Involved


·        Become educated on the issues that face our community, state, and nation


·        Participate in our events locally, state wide and nationally


·        Have access to library books and DVDs     


·        Network with other patriot and liberty groups for rallies and events locally, across NC, and the nation


·        Receive weekly and bi-weekly newsletters on upcoming events and Action Alerts


·        Organize for activism on a pressing issue


·        Access to training for leadership, for election integrity, for messaging on social media


We are a non-profit 501c-4 organization dedicated to restoring Constitutional authority.


What We Stand For


Individual Rights

Limited Government

Fiscal Responsibility

Free Markets


For more information or to sign up for our free newsletter, visit our website at



Jane Bilello, Chair

828 692 3117




“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our county will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

                       Sam Adams, 1776

That time has come!  We are those Patriots!



Committees of Interest

·        Attend school board/commissioner/city council/town hall meetings

·        Legislative Watch: Heritage Action for America Sentinel/Voter Integrity Project/Grassroots North Carolina/Gun Owners of America/Act for America/Numbers USA/CCNC/Susan B. Anthony List

·        Attend rallies/legislative action days/events

·        Save Our Elections

·        Reject Critical Race Theory

·        Reject Common Core

·        Reject Federalizing Our Elections

·        Reject spending bill disasters

·        Demand Medical Freedom

·        Protect the Border

·        Refugee Resettlement

·        Preserve 1A/2A

·        Election Integrity

·        Pro-Life

·        Oppose Socialized Medicine

·        Oppose radical nominees

·        Attend gun shows

·        Support/Attend Wreaths Across America

·        Support military and our vets

·        Write letters to the editor

·        Participate in Tweet Fests

·        Membership

·        Phone calls

·        Newsletter

·        Social media


Educational Activities

·        We Read the Constitution Annual Event

·        Health Care Symposium

·        Voter Integrity Bootcamp

·        Canvassing:  dead voters/illegals/pro-life

North Carolina Election Integrity Team: ATP is a Board Member

·        Protests: IRS/NSA/Obamacare/illegal immigration/Supreme Court nominees/ socialized medicine/support vacate-the-chair

·        Asheville High & East Henderson High political events

·        Patriot Camp

·        Tenth Amendment Seminar

·        Second Amendment:  First National Gun Appreciation Day/Day of Resistance/Rally with Grassroots NC/Lobby Reps for Safe Schools/WLOS Gun Control Debate

·        Lobby reps in DC/Raleigh/local

·        Preparedness Seminars

·        John Locke Foundation:  What the Founders Knew/Federalism/Founding Documents

·        Seminars

·        Symposium: Agenda 21:  Grinding America Down

·        Fracking Seminar:  Truthland/Dispatches from the Real Gasland

·        Educational Films















Our purpose in forming the Asheville Tea Party, Inc. is to provide an organizational foundation for the execution of projects that advance our core values, specifically: the promotion and preservation of individual rights, Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.



·       To provide educational and informational opportunities for patriots in the form of events with speakers on the topics of Constitutional rights and government activities.

·       To organize protests/flag waves/lobbying to give a forum for patriots to address grievances to politicians of all parties

·       To raise funds for specific purpose of paying for administrative costs of hosting said protests, including, but not limited to printing, advertising, amplification, permits, insurance, and professional service costs

·       To publish a website of pertinent information including, but not limited to events, meetings, & activities

·       To publish a periodic newsletter of information encouraging interested persons to attend our activities


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