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SEIRS Incident Report Training with Jim on Thursday, Sept 21,2023 @10AM

Updated: Sep 21

  • NCEIT SEIRS Training Thursday, Sept 21st @10AM

  • Poll ObserverTraining Continues 9/19 & 9/20

Posting your poll observer incident reports on SEIRS allows NCEIT to use them as affadavits - proof - that we bring to the NC General Assembly to lobby for change. it's working! (See below.) We need more observers, judges, and poll workers to further our cause to make this the best state for election integrity.

Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat!

Those of you who attended this past week's Poll Observer training and anyone who will join us this coming Tuesday and/or Wednesday, is encouraged to attend. It should be a relatiely short session.

Please remember, you must be a member of to be admitted to the training.

You will be asked to ID yourself with first, last name and your county in the waiting room.

If you invite others, they need to fill out the JOIN US tab on the website so Jim can approve them. If we don't know who you are, your not getting out of the waiting room.

Click on the link below for sign up and newsletter. Thanks. Sue and Jane

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