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NCEIT Poll Observer Incident Reports by County

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

NCEIT Incident Reports by county

Alamance – Observer could not see ATVs since they were in voting enclosure.


- Voter with multiple addresses not asked how long they lived at new address.

- Observers prohibited from taking notes on phones and doing texts.

- Non- registered person given a provisional ballot.

- Provisional ballots given to voters with no explanation.

- Students knew the dorm name, but not the room # and poll workers assisted with room #s from lists provide them.

- Others did not know dorm name and were give list to look up the name.

- Day totals were lower than reported and total to date were higher. Numbers did not match.

- Greeters blocking the walkway of voters.

- Poll worker used info handed to them to enter info and did not ask the voter to state name and address. Voter asked to check info on ATV.

- Voter reading name and address from a paper.

- Poll working offered address. Poll worker offering correct address when voter did not provide it, since poll worker knew the voter.

- Voter at wrong precinct and only option suggested was a provisional ballot without other explanations.

- No visual augmentation offered to voter having difficulty reading ATV.

- Voter left before over- voted ballot came back, so the voter did not have the option to update it.

- Bond Referendum posted at registration desk.

- Voter asked if they were aware of the bond referendum. Copies of info were at the ballot table.

- Dem voter guide was inside the door with sample ballots which were removed by the judge. Sierra Club handout on table by the front door.

- VBT guns were being used by only some check-in workers to verify bar codes match on ATV and Ballot.

- Clock on voting machine was 9 minutes fast.

- Curbside poll worker not putting ballot in sleeve.

- Poll worker asking if the middle initial was ___ instead of asking what the middle initial was. Poll worker asked if you are ____ or ____ at that address instead of asking the name again.

- Spanish speaking person assisting many Spanish speaking voters with no questions asked by judge of the need for assistance. The law does not say assistance can be provided for language.

- A person accompanied voter to voting enclosure with no questioning by any poll worker.

- Two persons together at voting station, but not apparently providing assistance.

- The machine count was 427 for the day and the paper ballot count is 418. The Supervisor called in to someone and notify them of the problem. He was told to send it in.

- Plexiglass panels at check in make hearing difficult and result in poll workers prompting voters with names and addresses. The Plexiglass panels in front of the poll workers that were at early voting have mysteriously disappeared on Election day.

- Signs were missing in a few stations telling voters not to photograph their ballots.

- The museum is inside the no electioneering boundary and the museum workers indicated they were electioneering.

- Registration of voter was at old address, but he does not currently live there. Buncombe county BOE advised that he could vote from the old address. Did not note any discussion of 30 day requirement for residency.

- All activities after poll tapes are run are not observable by observers. Observer are not allowed to observe the closing.

- The address number 800 did not come up as GEO code, not correct due to changes in system. Decided to leave at 798 vs what voter said was current. Poll worker corresponded with county BOE for resolution. They were familiar as this address had come up in an audit.

- Poll workers not repeating voter name and address, so all can hear.

- Chief Judge would not let me observe curbside voting stating reason was appearance of voter suppression.

- Suspicious electrical work completed. 2 PDF files submitted which detailed about equipment being installed at the Lester Community Center polling place near Asheville.

- Printer did not print ballot and printer was replaced.

- At early voting, no proof of address is required to change an address. This is the same as changing address on line.

- Unknown person went into the poll and went straight to the machine and inserted 2 ballots with the poll worker watching. The Supervisor went out to find the person who was a driver for 2 individuals who could not enter the polls.


- Voter gave wrong address and poll worker provided the correct number.

- Observer required to wear a mask.


- An interpreter accompanied a voter into the voting enclosure.

- Addresses given by voter are different than what voter registration is and voter did not want to change the address. Voter was given a provisional ballot.

- Older lady gave the information for this voter, he didn’t answer any questions, he did sign his name where she pointed out where he should sign. He doesn’t look like he understands what is going on. Gerald Andre Nureyev 2011 Saponin Village Ct. WS 27127

- A full van from Arbor Acres arrived at precinct @6:05am. They knew ahead of its arrival because poll workers were discussing it. Instead of one worker, one ballot, one vote, the poll worker carried out 7 ballots and handled them all at once. I did not see any affidavits signed nor were there any at the ballot table. I brought this up to Michael and he said, “Can’t you see we are busy here? We want to be as efficient as we can for the sake of the voter“ .End of discussion. Observed Oct 16, 2022

- Over vote- voter not caught to be given options

- A couple showed up to register to vote. Neither had an updated ID. The man showed his utility bill in his name. He handed the woman the same utility bill in his name as proof of her address. I inquired how they could use that for proof of her address if her name was not on it. I was told, 'because they are married'. I asked them how did they know that? They said 'they signed something' and 'we don't dig that deep'.

- All machines are having problems, “Enter Override Code” is the message given.

- Same Day Registration – did not see that ID was presented.

- Woman had to read her name off card. Sandra Kay Best, voter had to look at a piece of paper to give name & address

- Voter reading address from a piece of paper. Perhaps she was just that confused.

- Voter registrations not found and voter given provisional ballot.

- Observer asked to see emergency bin and Judge got aggravated and asked him to leave.

- Relative reported George Stenson Junior is my dad and he’s been dead for years.

- 3 students at the same “new” address were given provisional ballots but the other was not. Howard, Madison @ 1826 Waycross Drive Winston-Salem. 27106, Schwartz, Sasha Rose @ 1826 Waycross Drive Winston Salem. 27106 required provisional ballots. Wood, Lyndon Chae from the same address did not require provisional ballot.

- Curbside ballots not being put in folders due to not enough folders.

- There is a walled off area behind the voting booths where people are delivering boxes and other items through a back door via the voting booth area. I was told that I cannot go back there. The site supervisor told me that is where they are taking their breaks and where things are stored. Why can I not go back there then?

- Greeter in curbside voting was speaking to voters and not outside the buffer zone. (Note: the car is the voting enclosure at curbside.)

- There are 2 election workers sitting at a long table and sharing 1 ballot printer. When multiple ballots print, they are getting them mixed up. So far i have seen 1 of these incidents and they caught it prior to handing the ballots to the voter. But they were not double-checking them up to this point.


- Not asking voters in different parts of precinct to confirm the items on the AVT with check marks.

- Poll worker not asking voter to state address. Poll working providing address and asking voter to confirm.

- Discrepancy of 1 vote.

- Curbside poll worker working with two voters at once. Brought in 2 ballots to put in the tabulator. Another incidence of handling multiple ATVs.

- Electioneering only allowed in the Electioneering Zone. At S. Branch Library. This was a newly defined area. Materials can be handed out outside the buffer and electioneering zones, but tables, chairs must be within the electioneering zone.

- NCSBE Absentee File for Granville Co: at South Branch Library and Oxford Public Works Building counts do not match the machine count from close of voting on Saturday 10/22/22.

- One poll worker staffing registration desk was consistently having voters sign the ATV prior to affixing the voter's sticker with name and address on the top of the ATV.

- Poll worker initialing the AVT before the voter signs it.

- Poll worker not always asking for address before printing AVT.

- One of the check-in people was asking voters if they still lived at their address instead of asking for their address.

- An observer was not allowed to observe because they had been a greeter outside the poll.

- Different practices used with machines at early voting. One site unplugged DS200 and another did not.

- Greeter approaching voter in car and told could not go into buffer Zone. No description of distance (Note: Curbside voting enclosure is the car & 6 ft. allowed).

- Greeters going into buffer zone.


- Line of 50 people; line of 87 outside with wait time of almost an hour, 3 lines inside and 1 outside, 84 outside, not enough voting enclosures, need another handicapped table.

- Poll worker took a bunch of ballots out of the red bag and took them back to a voting booth. Another worker told her to put them back in the bag.

- No picture allowed of zero tape to be taken by observer. Also no picture of ending poll tape allowed or of machine #s. Could not see tabulator count, but would be given the numbers by the Judge.

- Observers not allowed to view shut down process and securing of ballots. Another observer showed some info & was allowed to observe.

- Observer was told not to use phone or I pad. Poll workers were using phones. The school (poll) has open WiFi.

- Observers not allowed to use restrooms.

- Observers limited to an area with some judges.

- Observers not able to hear due to the room configuration.

- Observer needs to get permission to go to curbside voting. Not so with another Judge.

- Observers were allowed to look at tabulator counts at some times and not at other times.

- Observer informed by Judge that they could be no closer than 10 ft. from registration table and curbside voting.

- Observer told by Judge that there is nothing stated for observer to hear the voter interaction. Judge will not ask workers to repeat name & address to avoid any aggravation to voters.

- Observer was told that they could not yawn. The observer was standing with the Judge and another poll worker and my eyes were very itchy due to allergies so I was rubbing them. The Judge asked the observer if I was yawning. I Said no "my eyes were itchy and I was rubbing them due to allergies." She then said, we'll that's good because a big yawn like that is a NO NO. The observer thought it was a little strange and inappropriate that she basically told me I wasn't allowed to yawn. And if I was yawning I would not have been doing anything wrong.

- Voter with wrong address was upset & stormed out. ”I can’t vote because my address is wrong”. Not provided a provisional ballot. Another voter whose current address did not match reg. list was asked to provide license, info on phone or other hard copy documentation.

- Greeter reported that a female voter was turned away because the voter was not registered to vote. She said she voted in 2020 Presidential election and did not change her address. She went outside, found her voter info on line, went back inside and her voter info showed up and she completed her ballot.

- Voter sent to another precinct, but had to return to the first precinct they were at to vote. Address problems seem to be Spring Lake and Wake county. Also Bunlevel and Anderson Creek. Sampson county perhaps Dunn address.

- - Voter sent to another location by the county BOE without checking her address and that location was not the correct place for her to vote.

- Curbside worker not reading affidavit.

- Curbside poll worker handed lady an ATV form to fill in name and address but he did not ask her to verbalize and he did not repeat back what was written. He did not read the entire affidavit. Same problem with other voters.

- Curbside poll worker received ATV from main registration table rather than other designated area. Judge told worker to no longer process curbside voters.

- Voter handed registration poll worker a piece of paper and did not state her name and address & was provided an ATV.

- Poll workers did not repeat name and address of voter. Judge did not think it was necessary. Worker may provide address and ask if it is correct.

- Person assisting voter gave all the voter’s information instead of the voter and received her ballot.

- Lady brought in a young man. He is in another world, she gave the information & she got the ballot. No way is he capable. He never spoke to the poll worker he was looking in the sky and around. They sat at the handicapped table. Judge said he was deaf.

- A worker from another day brought in a little black lady, a black man and an OLD white lady. The worker helped the man and woman. The white lady gave the Judge an ID. I think she said she has been here six weeks. Judge called in, talked to the old lady. She isn’t a citizen, she is from the United Kingdom.

- There seems to be a system. Someone brings in someone to vote. That person doesn’t vote. But a poll worker goes to the front with a brown bag sits on bleacher at front and waits till person who has brought someone. She goes outside with that bringer and they talk while person votes. . After the two people leave, the worker goes back to her station. I have seen this before. The Judge said there is nothing she can do. I did ask her to wait till worker comes back in so she knows who the inside man is. She did that. This is the same worker who brought in the white lady from the UK to vote who was not a US citizen. How can this system be stopped? The lady in the Wheelchair was white the lady that brought her in was black. The giveaway is when the worker leaves her station and goes sits on the bleachers at front and waits for person to vote then they go outside with the person. I have seen Shelia leave her post and do the same thing. She waits at front bleachers then goes out side with the voter or person who brings the voter. Is there any way to keep working poll workers from going out side with people who come in? This could be the payoff system. They get the vote first. There should be a regulation that poll works not leave their station except to eat lunch or have a break. And that should be done in a designated area. Working as a poll worker is a job and should not be left to visit or go outside with voters or the person who brings them.

- Fat white democrat brought in a white man before he was not allowed to vote. She already voted. This time he voted. The girl had a blue and white booklet that had questions and answers. I could see the first question. It said who to call if you are not allowed to vote. I guess they call someone and he was registered because this time he voted. Dems are really working the homes for disabled mentally.

- A lady named Tammy Matthews Norris tried to vote. Her husband got ballot no problem. Her name said she was denied to vote and removed from the voter rolls. She yelled to her husband- “Didn’t I vote in the presidential election?” He said yes. So for some reason her vote was denied and her name removed from the voter registration. Robin called the Board & they told her to register her as a new voter. She had to show her License and all the rest. Why was her name removed from the rolls and her vote not counted last time?

- A young black man came in with a man and women who were helping him. It took about 10 minutes to sign his name with pointing to his name for each letter. He would look at the name, write 1 letter and she would point to the next letter sitting at the handicapped table. Observer could not see who filled out the ballot.

- White women perhaps mother and young first time voters about 30 years old came in together. His party is democrat. He used a License and some kind of utility bill. I heard him say democrat. There is a lot of first time voters today. Shelia, Poll worker went to the front and sat on the bleachers with the woman until both had voted. I didn’t realize she had gone to sit with the woman because I was watching the young man. It took what seemed like a long time to get him registered. When I looked to the front I saw Shelia and the women get up off the bleachers. Not sure why Shelia did this. Judge wasn’t around.

- Lady and young women came in and voted. They were in before. The young women’s name was Batice McNeill. Not know if she voted twice. Note: No current record in voter registration with this name. The closest was a Beatrice McNeill who voted in Johnston county in 2020.

- Young black man came in to register and was constantly texting on his phone. Judge said he should not be texting only using his phone to look up info.

- Women did show a driver’s license but it did not have the correct address, so she was not able to register and left.

- New registrants are not asked for proof of citizenship. It is a question on the registration form but no documentation is asked for.

- A note on the difference in how the ballots were taken out of the machine tonight by Robin and how Shelia took them out on another day. Robin took the red zipper bag to the machine, turned and said everyone gather around and watch me. She opened the machine, took the blue bin out, took the ballots out of the blue bin, placed them in the red bag. Put the blue bin back in the machine and locked it. The blue bin never left the area of the machine. Then Robin took the red bag back. Called out her numbers on clean ballots and verified the count in each. By contrast. Shelia unlocked the machine, took out blue bin, drug it to the back, sat down and yelled across the gym to me. I had to leave. I never saw her take ballots out of the blue bin which was now at the back not near the machine. She ordered me out, so I do not know what happened to the ballots or how they were removed from the blue bin. I didn’t get to see the blue bin put back in the machine.

- Poll workers leaving their work station to talk for several minutes with their friends.

- Poll worker getting ATV from voter before they reach the ballot table which is causing confusion.

- Judge spend lots of time processing voters, so not supervising. Working at table, so not available for questions/observations.

- Poll worker standing 7.5 ft. behind voters who are voting. Voter reported she did not want poll work behind her.

- Curbside voting is based on someone’s word about their disability.

- Judge indicated that voter could pull up info on their phone to provide documentation of address.

- Voter walked out with ballot in hand.

- Discrepancy between ATVs and tabulator count.


- A voter was checked in by Chief Judge. He stated his last name and CJ looked it up and asked if his first name was Nathan, which he confirmed. His name showed two addresses, he said one was a prior address. The ATV printed the previous address in error. CJ tore it up into small pieces and put into regular trash.

- Two voters took pictures of their ballots. No action was taken by the Judge.


- Observers are not allowed to view the vote count.

- Observers are not allowed during closing to view process. They were kept in their designated observer area about 40 ft. away.

- Due to area observers are put in, could not hear voters checking in. Only able to see the backs of those checking in. (Etowah Library). The set up at Early Voting was better than on Election Day. Another observer said the area allowed them to hear the check in area, but not able to hear the Help Desk which was on the other side of the check in area. (likely Flat Rock location)

Fletcher Town Hall chains for the Observer area were later removed and Observer viewing areas were changed to be more accommodating. Note during Early voting Observer were allowed to sit 6 ft. from the tabulator and approach it to see the vote count when no voter was there. This was not allowed during Election Day.

- Observer area was 30 ft. away from curbside voting. County BOE called and corrected to 6 ft. from vehicle. The designated Observer area was removed. Curbside voting Observer told to stand 6 ft. from passenger side not on driver side. Later Judge described as 6 ft. from vehicle.

- Curbside poll workers carrying more than one ballot at a time. This was apparently the standard procedure. County BOE said multiple ballots being handled was OK. They did mention that the vehicle was the voting enclosure. Judge indicating that a couple voting at the same machine is ok inside the polls and relates to a couple being at curbside together.

- Verbal abuse of observers by voter who yelled out in the voting enclosure. No action taken by Judge.

- Judge working registration desk 95% of the time and line of 50 at 6:20 pm.

- Two voters in the same voting computer was questioned by the observer. Judge indicated it was ok including anyone assisting a voter. Other instances of 2 people in booth with neither appearing impaired.

- Observer restricted to 6 ft. from sign in desk and 25- 35 ft. from the tabulator. Observers do not have free access to move around. Observers could move about the designated area 3-4 times per hour, otherwise they need to be seated.

- Observer could sit in 1 of 2 corners of the room, but could not switch locations in chained in Observer areas. Fletcher Town Hall observers were not behind chains because they were on a stage.

- Poll worker volunteered the voter’s first name.

- Observer curbside voting – 30 minute shifts imposed if observer went to observe curbside.

- Observer told they could move from one inside station to another in 30 minute increments.

- Zero tape dates- Election date Nov. 8, Poll Opened: Oct 12, 4:44

- A woman wearing a yellow t-shirt with bold black letters saying “non-partisan vote protector volunteer” showed up and stood behind the greeter tables and near the entrance to the polls. The back of the shirt says “democracyNC”. As people passed to enter the polls she said “non-partisan vote protector here, if you have any issues let me know” or “if you have any issues, I’m your girl”. When people came out of the polls, she asked “everything go well?” or “any problems?” or “any problem voting?” BOE director, Karen Herb, came out at one point to address a separate issue and warmly greeted this volunteer. My concern is that she is trying to appear “official” while collecting information. That voters may think they are talking to the proper authority when it’s a group with an agenda.

- For 2 voters that had moved, the observer did not hear the question asked where they lived 30 days before the election.

- Poll worker inserted ballots in the tabulator- Blue bin taken out of the tabulator and not sealed and carried into the BOE office.

- Voter given a ballot that was filled in. Ballot was not spoiled and the voter was given another ballot. The Judge said the ballot was from another voter who made a mistake. Why was the filled in ballot not spoiled?

- A sign was placed in front of the chained Observer area listing everything observers can’t do but none that the can do. Observers look like targets instead of blending into the process.

- False complaint was made against observers that they were complaining that poll workers were thanking voters for voting.

- Zero tape torn off of the tape. Observers could stand 10 ft. away to observe the process and tape would be brought to them.

- Voter came in with absentee ballot who was given a new ballot and told to destroy her absentee ballot at home.

- Many voters were going to the wrong poll.

- Video of ending poll tape on Election Day not allowed.

- Some voters are asking why they are given a blank card and being told that is their ballot. No paper ballots are used here for early voting. Voters instructed to go to the printer to make their choices.

- Tabulator rejecting ballots and poll worker and Judge handling the cards. Judge walked over to a table holding a card. Too far away to tell what they are doing. Voters are not told the machine is broken, only to put their ballot in the slot (emergency bin).

New machine brought, but still rejecting ballots. Poll worker handling ballots when they are rejected. Observers not allowed to see the number the new machine started at (told it picked up where other machine left off) or ballots from emergency bin being fed into new tabulator.

- Judge did not think that a new registrant needed documentation of their address. This was questioned by the observer and the Judge changed their mind and sent the voter home to get documentation.

- Voter took video inside the voting enclosure and the Judge did not ask him to delete the video. The Judge was told by this voter that he had talked the young man to come into the poll and since he didn't vote he was getting documentation to show that they were at the poll. Suspicious?


- Voter came to the registration table and handed the worker a card that was sent to voters who were first time voters at that precinct. Voters not asked for name and address with the card.

- Poll worker would ask for last name and would print ATV without asking for first name or address.

- Many voters were coming that were from other precincts.

- Observers could not use phone for entering notes in voting area, although workers were using phones.

- At least 3 voters now have not shown up on rolls that are not in system even though they have voted in every election Faith Moore York (maiden) 5/1/95

- Curbside voter walked in, unescorted, into polling place from curbside voting with her supplied clipboard to run her ballot through the machine herself. Curbside official not present with her.

- Multiple voters (up to 4) sitting at the same round table discussing for whom to vote. Typically elderly couples, one helping the other.


- Observer told to sit in the corner of the room. Could hear check in of 2 workers, but not the other 2. Curbside not visible.


- All voters in car for curbside voting, being given ballots at the same time. Asked Judge about this. She called BOE (Jane Rae) and was told that for husband and wife one Poll worker could service both husband and wife and ballots could be in car at the same time. For unrelated people in a vehicle, A Poll Worker for each person is required but ballots could still be in the vehicle at the same time.

- Mr. French will only let us look at the ATV's at intervals of 10am, 2pm and 6pm. He also said that at 7:30pm close he probably wouldn't let us look at the ones that came through after 6pm because it would hold him up, but would give us the closing counts. Later said observers could not look at ATVs since they contained voter info that observers are not allowed to see.

- Observer was not allowed to take a picture of the tape before polls opened. Poll tape printed but not allowed to view or video. Numbers read from the tape.

- Could not video the ending poll tape, but could take notes from posted tape.

- At the opening of the ES&S machine the judge did not follow the same protocol as in early voting, the Judge simply cut the security tags off and started up the machine. In early voting the Judge had a poll worker that had a book to verify the numbers on the machine matched what were in their book for start of day. I noticed at start up the back lid of the machine was open I do not recall that being open at either early location voting. It is still open. I’m not sure if this is important.

- Voter who could not read the ballot was given a magnifying screen which did not help so asked if she wanted a worker to read the ballot to her and mark the selections which was done.

- A woman with her adult son came in to vote. The young man was around 25 years old. When the clerk told him he had to sign the ballot he said he wasn’t signing and the mother said she signs for him all the time. She signed his ballot and went to the voting booth with him and they stayed at the table and filled in the choices. I did not see who marked his ballot because they were behind the partitions. I spoke with the Judge and she said she would make note of his name if anything came up.

- I observed unauthorized electioneering by democrat operatives in the curbside area of the BOE early voting site. I notified the Site Administrator, James, they cross the "red line" marking the 50' distance from the door of the polling place. He is looking into the matter.

- One voter "helping" two other voters that appeared to be mentally handicapped vote

- Address given by voter different from what was in the computer. Poll worker repeated what address in computer and voter stated “it’s the same thing.” I spoke to Mr. French and he told me that addresses can be updated at registration table.

- Noting that according to the Chief Judge, poll observers are not allowed to use the restroom at the voting location because they are not election officials.

- Renee Dixon Dowdy, 211 Abbott Road, Sanford. Came to vote. Address didn’t match her name. She said she’s currently in a women's shelter and was using her ex-husband’s address. Chief Judge called the BOE for assistance. Her address was updated to current place of residence. She is allowed a transfer to vote in a different precinct. Updated address is 507 3rd Street, Sanford.

- Observer seated behind a strap barrier that was ~10 to 15 ft. from the two check-in tables. To move close enough to hear I would have to go beyond the barrier placed in front of me and the close proximity to people in line and people actively voting in the booths would be an encroachment on their privacy.

- The Curbside Voting location is remote from the Voting area which leaves the Observer with no ques to monitor this event without leaving the Voting area floor.

- WIFI is available on Lee County Guest account.

- Curbside – 1 binder used for 2 elderly women.

- I have observed that the Tabulator at LCBOE is being initialized each morning by the Chief Judge without any type of oversight, witnessing, independent verification or otherwise. He removes tags and made other machine verification's that were recorded on some type Checklist; However, I was unable to see exactly what the information was. I would hope this documented process is part of the official records that are available for review and for some type of verification, daily continuity check, and reconciliation.

- Ballots being hand counted were unable to be reconciled (approximately 10). The Chief Judge explained that this issue didn't affect the Tabulator total count.

- I observed the Chief Judge handling the curbside ballot and delivering it to the Tabulator. The ATV was not delivered by a Judge, as stipulated by NCAC guidance.

- BOE not allowing more than 1 "At Large" designated Poll Observer to be in the Polling Place at the same time. Today's supposed infraction was noted by the BOE and the director Jane Rae said she would be filing a complaint.

- What appears to be a mom and daughter came in. Mom said “I don’t know anyone in this ballot” they sat together at a table and the younger person talked to the elder person about the ballot while filling it out. Appears they were working collaboratively on the ballots. I asked the chief judge if they could sit together and fill out the ballots, he advised that they could.


- At- large observer not let in to early voting and was told that at- large are only used on Election day. Resolved.

- Voter not asked for their address. Another incident of poll worker providing the voter’s address to the voter.

- Observer allowed to watch the tabulation of results on a TV but not in person.


- The observer found an ATV #604 had a voter listed as "IN" on the NC voter registration list. The Chief Judge told me to report the incident to the Board of Elections. I told him I was reporting it to SEIRS. And I called the BOE and spoke with Ann this morning. She said she would take care of it.


- Observer placed 20 ft. from the ballot table. Another observer was placed 10 ft behind the registration table chain. Observer placed 50 ft. away from the curbside voting poll workers. Observer asked why I was placed so far away as the regulations say that I can be up to 6 ft. away. She said that it often gets busy and she placed me where, if the curbside area fills up, the observer would be 6 ft. from the closest vehicles.

- Voter had moved and did not state the address which was in the system. Poll worker asked DOB which the voter responded correctly, then the poll worker provided the old address and changed the record to the new address. Judge indicated that if people have moved, the worker may mention a couple of numbers from the address to stimulate the answer.

- Voter came in accompanied by another person to assist them. No questions asked.

- Two curbside poll workers were on the bus with the seniors from Stoneridge.

- Supervisor informed Observer that they were not free to move around. Observers are to stay at the taped off area near the check- in table and only go to curbside voting. Observers cannot go in the voting enclosure to the other stations.

- Poll worker adds city when repeating the info back to the voter, if the voter does not mention it and does not ask for or repeat the zip code. No action taken by Supervisor.

- A voter reported to the Observer that when she was at the Optimist Early voting site on 10-31-22 that she provided her name. The poll worker reported it back adding a middle initial. The voter felt that if the poll worker needed more info to find the voter, the poll worker should have asked for a middle name, NOT provide it to the voter.

- If the poll worker found multiple first and last names on the list, one of them would offer the middle name to the voter instead of asking for the voter to state their middle name.

- The Supervisor indicates that a Supervisor does not need to be involved in the assistance of a voter process at Early Voting, only on Election Day. Any poll worker can talk to the voter and assistant at early voting. The GS is very specific about the content of the interaction. I do not know if the content was discussed at the intake table, but it did not occur at the ballot table where the voter had to be told several times to be quiet by the assistant and it did not occur at the ballot booth with 2 people in the booth. The GS allows assistance for physical disability, blindness or illiteracy. This voter appeared to have a mental disability. The Supervisor indicated that if 2 people are in the voting enclosure someone will go over to them. The Tips for Monitoring and Observing the Election at polling place has a Voter Assistance section which states that "ANY in-person voter is entitled to assistance". It fails to include important info on the process from GS 263-166.8 and is inconsistent with the types of disabilities that can be provided assistance.

- Wake county Supervisor at early voting was told to open the tabulators at 6:30 and run the tape which is 1.5 hours before the polls open. If the Observer/ member of the public was not there, the Supervisor was not supposed to share the tape. This seems like a way to not allow it to be viewed.

- The observer is seated about 12 ft. from the Application Table which has 6 workers. The Supervisor told me that I could not move closer. The SBE picked this spot for observers. She indicated I could stand periodically behind a table which is about 6 ft. away from the end of the Application Table. In this position I would be almost standing in front of the entrance to the voting enclosure. The table which is about 6 ft. from the Application Table has some literature on it such as a sample ballots, masks and PPE. There was no such table in this location at Lake Lynn Polling location. If the observer chair would be placed in the location of this table, it would be more reasonable. The table could be moved forward or outside the door.

- A Supervisor will not let me verify the ATV count and the scanner count because the scanner is in the voting enclosure. She will share her data with me at the time of her next verification.

- A blind voter came into the poll with an assistant. There was no communication with the voter about the assistant. The Supervisor indicated that if the voter enters the enclosure with the assistant, they do not have to verify that the assistant is not the employer or associated with the employer's union. She showed me the manual which does not describe the process of identifying the assistant. It appears that the problem is that the training manual omits portions of Numbered Memo 2022-11.

- Blind person was accompanied by her husband to vote. The husband provided the info for himself and the blind voter. He was given 2 ATVs that he as the husband signed. There was no communication with the blind voter. They did not want to use the impaired voting device. The Supervisor was not called over as required in GS163-166.8.

- Students who moved were given a choice of which address they wanted to use rather than where they lived 30 days before the election. Supervisor to correct.

- Poll worker used list of dorms to help students with addresses.

- At this early voting location the poll worker is asking the voter to check the ATV and pointing to the first section with the name and address and then pointing to the second section with the check boxes and statements regarding citizenship, Felon status…. They say "Check that the top section is correct and that these statements are true". At the Lake Lynn Early voting site the workers are only saying to check the top of the page with the name and address.

- A man "brought in" 2 voters and accompanied them into the voting booths. The Supervisor reiterated from the discussion earlier in the day based on communication with the SBE that if the voters bring in a person to assist them, there is no discussion about the assistance with the voter or Assistant. This appears inconsistent with GS 163-166.8. The voters did not appear to be physically disabled, blind or illiterate. The assistant stood behind the voters in booths next to one another and interacted with them. The voters marked the ballots themselves.

NON Legislative issues

- training should be offered to poll judges to increase knowledge and to address adversarial bias toward observers

- need more REP judges (nominations are for 2 year in odd numbered years. Aug. deadline)

- train greeters to approach the voter

- how to inform voters of voting poll location changes, so they are not turned away from a poll on election day.

- a hierarchy of War Rooms is needed with an attorney.

- Volunteers should follow the boxes of ballots to SBE.

- Actual Vote app was difficult to send video tapes. Recording video tapes is difficult and several were not readable.

- Videos were preferred over pictures because they are better for legal challenges.

- Republican applied to be a poll worker and went through the process but was not scheduled. BOE reported that he was not needed since they were “full and balanced according to the law”.


- One observer was told that the morning tape at early voting has overall count and other settings and other verification that the machine is functioning property. Observers are not allowed to see it.

- There is hourly transfer of data from the election site laptops to BOE which is a manual process

- Harnett county -There are 15 people working poll today 10 Dems 5 Republicans.

- Henderson county Judge indicates that the curbside ATV is brought to the Judge to verify registration and issue ballot.

- Iredell – USPS is denying walkthroughs to Statesville and Greensboro campuses.

- BOE Lee County site is not an ideal location for voting due to size and acoustics.

- Lee County - The Chief Judge explained to poll worker at registration table that she had obtained permission from the BOE to perform transfers for people who would not have time to get to their correct voting precinct. The Chief Judge is signing transfers for these situations.

- Lee county - Serial Number is 0317410031 Firmware version is Protected ballot count 1,900 DS200 Hardware configuration is; Firmware version follows SN. DS031741083 Firmware; Tabulator: S/N: 0317410719 Firmware:, Tabulator: S/N 0317410719 Firmware: Protected Ballot 4362

- McDowell early voting - voter was told that she had already voted.

- Moore county - able to take picture of morning poll tape.

- Wake county Supervisor at early voting was told to open the tabulators at 6:30 and run the tape which is 1.5 hours before the polls open. It may be that the SBE wanted to decrease access to the public & observers.

- Supervisor indicated that they have a system to check addresses against. Wake Director BOE has been asked what system they use. No response yet.


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