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List of Leftist Non-profits Infiltrating BOEs

A list of 20 Left-Wing, Non-Profits that EIN IS tracking. Left-wing Report about Biden's Executive Order #14019 Institute for Responsive Government Article by Hayden Ludwig - Institute for Responsive Government We discussed the Six Left-wing initiatives that we're researching. 1. The US Alliance for Election Excellence (USAEE) 2. The Committee For Safe and Secure Elections (CSSE) 3. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) 4. The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge (and partners) 5. The High School Registration/Lower The Voting Age Groups 6. The Center for Voter Information/The Voter Participation Center NEW information in Red that we discussed at the last meeting. Center for Voter Information/Voter Participation Center Call To Action: We need to submit FOIA/Public Records Requests to every local Electi