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Legislation Action Day May 18th. Be there or make the calls.

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

The North Carolina Election Integrity Team's next Legislative Action Day is Thursday, May 18th, 2023 in Raleigh @9:30AM - 3PM to lobby our representatives to pass election integrity bills. Information of where to meet is here.

HOWEVER, each week, ALL of us should be making phone calls into the committee chairs of where our bills reside These bills need to be voted on in committee and moved on so we get them to the floor for a vote.

Also, we now have a super majority in the House and Senate which means we can override Cooper's veto.

We have tried to break down the list of bills by priority each week. It 's a few phone calls. Very doable. We've working hard to simplify. PLEASE DO YOUR PART.

Thanks Denise, Joanne and Lisa for putting all of this together!

Dear Friend and Patriot,

Thank you for your interest in promoting legislation to improve Election Integrity in NC!

Below is information explaining how to make a Lobbying call.

Priority Election Bills in the NC Legislature have been identified by the NC Election Integrity (NCEIT) Legislative Team.

Talking points and how to contact individual legislators to promote these bills can be found in the Attachments.

This week we are targeting two Legislative Bills

NCEIT Legislative Call to Action - Call List 1

There are many election integrity bills in the North Carolina General Assembly. NCEIT supports many of them and this week we would like to concentrate on two important bills. Call your legislators shown below to get these bills to move through the process. See the 3 types of calls you can make.

• Poll Observers - House Bill 772 and

• Access to Voted Ballots (Cast Vote Records) - House Bill 770

These bills which were submitted by House Republicans include the language suggested by NCEIT. We would like you to contact legislators to let them know YOU support H 772 and H 770 and ask them to move the bills along in the process.

1. These are the sponsors of the bills - thank them and let them know you support the bills.

H 772 Poll Observer Davis; Cleveland; Mills; Warren (Primary)

H 770 Access to Ballots Davis; Cleveland; Mills; Warren (Primary)

2. These are committee members who will vote on the bills– let them know you support the bills.

because they are important election integrity measures (use your own words).

a. Ask members of the House Election Law & Campaign Finance Reform Committee to pass

H 772 and H 770 in their committee.

b. Ask members of the Senate Redistricting and Elections Committee to be a SPONSOR for similar

bills in the Senate to H 772 and H 770.

3. Let your House and Senate legislators know that you support these bills.

You can identify your NC House and Senate members with this link Click on the name and it usually brings you to a page

with contact info.

If it does not, use these links to find the contact info and click on their name.

Talking points to show why you support the bill - select a 1 or 2 to highlight for the legislators.

H 772 Poll Observers - Poll Observers have been unnecessarily restricted in virtually all early voting sites and precincts. Observers have been prevented from moving freely around the

voting enclosure, observing start up and shut down procedures, viewing and imaging zero poll tapes on tabulation machines, viewing Authorizations to Vote (ATVs) and tabulators for example.

Also audio recordings with poll workers and photographs of machines and voting enclosures excluding voters and poll workers have not been allowed.

· A new section has been added that lists 19 activities that observers are permitted to do which addresses problems observed in the 2022 election.

(If you have been an observer and were not allowed to perform an activity, you could highlight that. If you were not an observer, you could pick one or two you like.)

· There is also a list of 8 activities that are not permitted by observers, so they do not interfere with the voting process.

H 770 Access to Voted Ballots (Cast Vote Records) - The State Board of Elections has denied requests from the public for Cast Voter Records while other states provide them. Cast Vote Records are needed to increase voter confidence by allowing verification of machine counts of ballots.

· Public records requests for Cast Vote Records have been denied by the NC State Board of Elections based on confidentiality. They have been available in other states. The bill provides access to the public of cast vote records through public records requests.

· Access to Cast Vote Records is needed for inspection and verification of machine counts of ballots, so they can be matched to the machine’s printed reports. Without this access, voters lose confidence in the accuracy of machines and the outcomes of elections.

· The bill requires voting systems to create and maintain cast vote records.

Each week there will be different priorities to make calls. You can start with this list and work through the others, as you have time.

Thank you for your time to protect election integrity.


Basic Call (In-person or phone message):

Familiarize yourself with List 1 attachment.

Click on the representative or senator’s name in blue in the attached file.

The file is hot-linked to the legislator's contact information.

Make the Call.

#1 Introduce yourself (Name, address, contact phone).

#2 Why you are calling: To ASSURE Election Integrity in NC (your words).

#3 Thank you _______ for your Sponsorship/Support of ____________ (give Bill Number and then Name. If several, list them). Choose your message based upon your experience as a voter, poll observer or based upon the talking points listed for the bill (See Attachment).

#4 Thank the Representative/Senator for his/her service.

#5 Close: We are praying for you and your staff !


CALLS FOR THIS WEEK will target:

- H770: Access to Voted Ballots

- H772: Poll Observers Appointments, Access and Activity.

See these BILLs in the ATTACHMENT: Announcement LEG Call List 1.

( This Thursday, May 18th is NCEIT's monthly Legislative Action Day. Volunteers will be lobbying our legislators in-person in Raleigh. Our calls will augment their efforts with a "buzz" of calls and demonstration of public interest. )

Next week there will be a new directive! Look for it every Monday morning!

General Information regarding Bills currently in the NC Legislature and the Phone Lobby: - There are currently over 60 Election Bills introduced in our State Legislature this session. - Bills will move through 3-4 committees on average before they will be voted upon by the General Assembly (GA). If bills are not moved through committees they will not be brought to a vote in the GA and will have no chance of becoming law before the 2024 Presidential Election. - The NEXT several weeks are about getting STRONG Election Integrity Bills on the calendar! - We request you commit one hour weekly until the legislative session ends (August). - Best time to call? Monday-Thursday 9-5 . (BUT Friday or weekend calls are better than not calling!) You will likely speak to a staffer. This is worthwhile! These representatives and their staff support our effort! Our job is to help keep attention on the importance of this particular legislation. Call weekly. Be persistent and polite. You will receive an email update on priorities as they are identified including: Bill names and numbers, whom to call, links to legislators phone numbers, and talking points. ********************************************************* To help build an effective phone lobby for this legislative session PLEASE do 3 things: #1 JOIN the NC Election Integrity Team, at <>. Membership is Free. You will be vetted and will be notified of acceptance in 2-3 days . #2 Review the information and make calls weekly. (The anticipated commitment is one hour weekly from now into August.) #3 Expand our ranks! Share this with other like-minded citizens! THANK YOU!! NC Election Integrity Team Questions? Call Denise Vish, 828 545-9776 and leave a message or email <>.


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