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Leftist Activist Letter to NC BOEs Opposing the Poll Observer Bill

Subject: Fwd: County elections board member send letter to NC legislators, more comments invited

We're giving the Left heartburn. From Leftist Activist Bob Hall on meltdown over our Poll Observer bill, H772. He sent this to every BOE elections office in NC. 15 stupid Republicans signed on to this trash. There were 31 signers. Links for the letter and the article from WRAL are below.

If these signers are from your county, you need to raise cain with your local GOP or Dem office. This is a breech o their oath to remain non-partisan while serving on the BOE. Their job is to make sure the election laws are enforced. Not to lobby for or against them. (Please note: As individuals, they have a 1st amendment right to their opinion. As BOE members, they have overstepped their bounds. Expose them!)

Also signing: The 6 other incumbent EBA-NC executive board members and 25 of the longest serving members of county boards of elections. Rs in red. Ds in black.

Alan Carpenter (D-Iredell County), first appointed 1993

Alice Malesky (R-Currituck County), first appointed 2013

Allen Langley (R-Cleveland County), Executive Board Member,

Barry Cheney (D-Catawba County), first appointed 2009 d Member,

Barry Cheney (D-Catawba County), first appointed 2009

Carlton Hawkins (D-Richmond County), first appointed 2008

Chip Futrell (D-Wilson County), Executive Board Member,

EBA-NC Courtney Patterson (D-Lenoir County), Executive Board Member,

EBA-NC David Hood (R-Catawba County), first appointed 1998

Florence Armstrong (D-Edgecombe County), Executive Board Member,

EBA-NC Hal Culberson (R-Scotland County), first appointed 2008

Inetta Knight (D-Tyrrell County), first appointed 1993

Jeffrey Smith (R-Yadkin County), first appointed 2013

Jonas Buff (D-McDowell County), first appointed 2013

Juanita Colvard (D-Graham County), first appointed 2007

Kelly Shore (D-Nash County), first appointed 2011

Laurie Heise (D-Chatham County), first appointed 2007

Lucinda Minges (R-Lenoir County), first appointed 2013

Luther Potts (R-Davie County), first appointed 2003

Lynn Day (R-Wilkes County), first appointed 2013

Martha Schronce (R-Alexander), first appointed 2013

Michele Aydlett (D-Pasquotank), first appointed 1993

Nancy Sharpe (R-Alexander County), first appointed 2005

Sheena Amos (R-Gaston County), first appointed 2013

Stuart Smith (R-Brunswick County), first appointed 2003

Tim Joines (R-Wilkes County), first appointed 2013

Tommy Pharo (R-Lenoir County), Executive Board Member,

EBA-NC Vivian Branch (D-Northampton County), first appointed 2012

William Newsome (D-Martin County), first appointed 1988

Yvonne Saul (R-Caswell County), first appointed 2001

Zeda Trice (D-Craven County), first appointed 2010

---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Bob Hall <> Date: Sat, Jul 15, 2023 at 8:55 PM Subject: County elections board member send letter to NC legislators, more comments invited To: CBOE members and directors <>

Dear County Elections Board Member, I’m taking the liberty of sharing a couple items with those of you who I can reach via email before your board meeting on July 18. First, you may have heard that 32 long-serving Republican and Democratic county elections board members sent a letter to legislative leaders on Wednesday expressing their concerns about pending legislation in Raleigh. A WRAL-TV news story about the letter is here: And the letter is here: Second, the Graham County Board of Elections used that letter as a basis to send their own letter to their local legislative delegation. That letter is attached. At the end of the WRAL news story, legislative leaders say they “welcome feedback from elections officials across the state.” Your county board may want to consider adopting a letter at the meeting on July 18 or discuss other ways to express your concerns about pending legislation. Some of you have already reached out to your legislators and it’s having an impact. It’s vitally important for them to hear the perspective and concerns of elections officials like you. Thank you, Bob Hall


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