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Heritage Action for America DC Updates

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Happy Independence Day! The Declaration of Independence was one of the most daring documents—throughout history, few people had strived for self-governance. We often forget that victory was not certain. It wasn’t even probable. But it was right. Like 1776, we find ourselves in a time of opposition. America is facing many challenges. But we have reason to celebrate! Together for years, we have built a Constitutionalist Supreme Court. Now, we have overturned Roe v. Wade! In recent weeks, the Court has also issued monumental decisions defending the Second Amendment, beating back the administrative deep state, and upholding the individual right to actively live one’s religion. Across the street from the Court is the U.S. Capitol, and principled conservatives are still working there on your behalf. Looking to the future, we are partnering with them on great legislation for the next session of Congress. Public sentiment has soured on the Biden agenda. The tide in America is changing. As the Left is fond of saying, “Elections have consequences.” We are ready.

On Offense for Life

On Wednesday, Heritage Action led a coalition of conservative groups who represent tens of millions of Americans in sending aletter to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Whip Steve Scalise asking Republicans to pass federal pro-life legislation when theywin back a majority in the House. This letter called for:

  • Passing The Heartbeat Protection Act, baning abortions for babies who have a heartbeat

  • Protecting the health of mothers by disrupting the trafficking of chemical abortion drugs

  • Save lives by shutting down federal funding of the abortion industry

CLICK HERE to read the full pro-life letter to the Hill.

In addition to federal legislation, there are actions we can take TODAY to defend life at the state level. South Dakota, Indiana, South Carolina, and Nebraska are planning on special legislative sessions to pass pro-life bills, and we’re excited by the opportunity to get involved and protect life.

Ending Roe: Myth vs. Fact

Meanwhile, we are combating misinformation with our newest blog; Myth vs. Fact: SCOTUS Dobbs Decision and America’s Attitude on Abortion.

The Left is intentionally spreading misinformation about the Dobbs case and Americans’ attitudes about abortion. To set the record straight, Heritage Action has compiled and debunked the nine myths we’re hearing, such as…

  • The United States’ abortion laws are already overly restrictive.

  • Women will be denied life-saving procedures.

  • Abortion is safe for women.