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Henderson County Board of Election Meets Tuesdays to Open Absentee Ballots. Know the Process.

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Click on the link to get the details and what to look for.

What: Henderson County Board of Elections to inspect and open absentee ballots to run through the machines.

When: Every Tuesday, 5PM

Where: Henderson County Board of Elections, 75 E Central St, Hendersonville, NC 28792

(Behind O'Reilly's Auto Parts)

What we are doing ...

Seting up the Election Integrity Permanent Infrastructure Committee (1)

Description: County Board of Elections Liaison (Leads all local Task Force Interactions with County Board of Elections)

The Process

a) Every BOE member inspects every container (envelope) to assure there is a witness signature/notary.

b) All BOE members open the containers. Lay ballots flat.

c) Ballots are run through the machine.

d) The number of containers (envelopes) must equal the number of ballots. (Ask to see the receipt.)

e) Ballots are then placed in a secure container. Sealed with a tampered proof seal. All BOE members sign. Ask to see the serial numbers on the seal. Take note of it.

Don't be afraid to ask questions before or after the process. They need to see us and understand we are watching. Be nice.

REMEMBER From the Training: We need to make this a permanent committee along with the others below. For this primary, we can establish (1) and (2) Poll Observers, employees, and greeters (Recruited & trained at all voting locations.) After this Primary, we continue to meet and work to establish the other committees. There will be Zoom and in-person meetings to accomplish this. Thanks!!

FYI: You will be given access behind the firewall if you have created an account and we have vetted you. Please sign up at Saturday's Power Points and videos are up there. Please check back often because more information and videos will be uploaded. Call Jane if you have questions: 209 986 3845.

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