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Georgia Senate Run Off Critical for US Senate. Please Help Herschel Walker

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Fellow American,

The Federal Election Commission has one final financial deadline before the runoff: 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday. We have LESS THAN 48 HOURS to raise every dollar we can.

This is the financial report that Democrats will be following closely to see if we've been able to build momentum since the runoff was declared.

I am counting on you to help show the Left that conservatives will not give up the fight against the Democrats' policies that are destroying our country. Please, chip in whatever you can today to help me CLOSE THE GAP before the filing deadline tomorrow at midnight.

I know how to win, and I'm ready to win this battle for conservatives all over the country. However, I can't hold Senator Raphael Warnock accountable for his disastrous voting record without the help of patriots far and wide.

Senator Warnock has outraised us every single filing deadline, but with your help, we can put up some of our biggest numbers since the race began.

The deadline is Wendesdaym/ 11/16, if you can chip in $10, $20, or maybe even $50 or $100, you'd be doing a great service to our nation and putting us one step closer to introducing Joe Biden and the Radical Left to the concept of checks and balances.

Thank you for continuing this fight with me. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Herschel Walker

P.S. Federal law prohibits us from extending this runoff fundraising deadline, so please help us hit our goal before midnight tomorrow!


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