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Dispelling the Misinformation About Chuck Edwads & Voter ID and Election Integrity Support

Updated: Jun 8, 2022



SL 2018-128 - Constitution Amendment – Require Photo ID to Vote

SL 2018-144 – Implementation of Voter ID Const. Amendment

Senator Edwards voted YES on both bills!

· Two special Congressional elections, which were not anticipated, were to be held that year when the voter ID Amendment and bill were passed.

· The original implementation legislation anticipated that there would be an education and rulemaking process held before September 1, 2019 in time for municipal elections to be held that fall. But that was not going to be possible with the special elections taking precedent over the activities needed to ensure vote ID could be implemented in a uniform and orderly fashion. Additionally, if our opponents in court were able to say we were rushing and botching implementation of voter ID, then it would make the legislation more likely to go down.

· A strategic decision was made to push voter ID into 2020 when it would affect far more voters and a presidential election, thus, SB 214/SL 2019-4 – Ensure Orderly 2019 Elections were passed.

Senator Edwards voted YES on both bills!

Last year in April, there was a Voter Integrity Project Bootcamp in Haywood County. Over 130+ attended. Because Senator Chuck Edwards donated to this project, we were able to keep the cost way down to cover expenses and lunch so we could get lots of folks to attend.

Senator Edwards has always been a supporter of election integrity. He has also met with ATP on several occasions to discuss our concerns and to offer support.

Please don't listen to the rumor mill. Chuck Edwards is the ONLY candidate for NC11 Congress qualified with a record to prove it!

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