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Citizens Research Project: Infiltration of Schools and Colleges

1. Generation Citizen

Looking to lower the voting age to 16, they are often pre-registering students to vote. VA has a constitutional amendment to cement this change.

Another group is Vote America, doing the same thing.

2. All In Campus Democracy Challenge

They have a website that shows what colleges are participating. If you haven't already, please see what they are doing in your state.

This was a data organization on college campuses that created precincts across the nation on campuses. It likely had ties to Biden about federal organizations getting voter registrations.

3. Action Civics which is more like protesting 101.

4. Generation Civics is a major one.

Generation Civics has been tasked with making the curriculum for the classes. Generation Civics is the umbrella. They take over older conservative groups. Look out for terminology they hide behind

5. Kids Vote: Very much here in NC.

6. Infiltrate the League of Women’s Voters

They are present and speaking against every good voting bill. They are very organized and well funded.

Recently, they have wanted to switch from a 501c4 to a 501c3. This would make their donations tax deductible and it would place no limit on advocacy. Influence Watch had the list of donors to the LWV. Soros is well connected there.

They are moving into the civics departments in our high schools to change what is taught. They are also working to lower the voting age to 16.

They are even connecting back to Common Core

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