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Citizens Research Project: Infiltration of Schools and Colleges

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Please note: The blue links are the websites of these 501c3 Leftist organizations except Heritage Foundation and American Mind article under Action Civics.

1. Generation Citizen

Looking to lower the voting age to 16, they are often pre-registering students to vote.

Another group is Vote America, doing the same thing.

2. All In Campus Democracy Challenge

  • They have a website that shows what colleges are participating. If you haven't already, please see what they are doing in your county/state.

This was a data organization on college campuses that created precincts across the nation on campuses. It likely had ties to Biden about federal organizations getting voter registrations.

  • All in Campus Democracy Challenge - effort to register college students. There is detailed analysis of the University of Florida from one of our researchers.

  • Turbo vote: The universities are paying this non-profit and directing students to their website. Then, students give them their information. The university will send them vote reminders. Then the C3 gets the student info. The privacy policy is huge. When you maneuver almost to the bottom it says "sharing of your information with our third party providers: Amazon, etc. They may transfer the data, with business transactions.

3. Action Civics which is more like protesting 101.

Heritage Foundation: Why Action Civics Is More Action Than Civics: K-12 Students Aren’t Ready to Be Activists American Mind: “Action Civics” Replaces Citizenship with Partisanship:

4. Generation Civics is a major one.

Generation Civics has been tasked with making the curriculum for the classes. Generation Civics is the umbrella. They take over older conservative groups. Look out for terminology they hide behind.

5. Kids Vote: Very much here in NC. " Are you one of the nearly 4,000,000 teenagers in the U.S. turning 18 in 2022? If so, register to vote! Find out how easy it is to register to vote in your state by visiting:"

6. Alliance for Youth organized in 2021. 600 college campuses.

7. Electoral Suite: access to high tech tools for data of students

8. Campus Election Project. Target Hispanics/not majority white colleges/send key reached election info 1.2 million students/printed materials free/candidate guides/did it in 38 key races in the nation/130,000 registered

Ask Every Student: force voter registration into campus life. Integrate it into courses/dining halls/sports events/ Stoneybrook added to orientation to register to vote


10. Infiltrate the League of Women’s Voters

They are present and speaking against every good voting bill. They are very organized and well funded.

Recently, they have wanted to switch from a 501c4 to a 501c3. This would make their donations tax deductible and it would place no limit on advocacy. Influence Watch had the list of donors to the LWV. Soros is well connected there.

They are moving into the civics departments in our high schools to change what is taught. They are also working to lower the voting age to 16.

They are even connecting back to Common Core

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