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After the Election, BOE Presence, List Maintenance, Legislative Oversight

NCEIT County Coordinators and Others:

Our task in the lead up to the elections and during is to make sure we have poll observers and greeters working with them at the polls. Our task now is to make sure we fill those other 7 systems - task forces - of election integrity in place in every county in NC. Those are the systems that the left has infiltrated and corrupted and we have been obviously absent. Our absence has allowed them to cheat, violate state statutes, and restrict poll observers with impunity because there has been no presence for accountability. WE have been missing. That game is over. We must be ready for 2024 by organizing the systems of election integrity in every county!

Next Steps: Organize Your NCEIT Local Task Forces.

If you have stepped up to be your County Coordinator, thank you. With the job of training poll observers and manning the precincts behind us, it’s time to tackle the other systems of election integrity. Remember, the Left has infiltrated and corrupted each of the systems and we have been absent. I am encouraging you to recruit one or two folks to organize the following task forces:

Now that the elections are over …

1) Board of Elections:

Contact your local BOE Director. Get on the email list of meeting notifications. Attend. Take notes.

· Regardless of whether you are county coordinator or not,

send a public records request for an electronic copy of the 11/8/22 Election Day Zero Tapes for all precincts in your county. See here for model letter to submit to your local BOE.

· send a public records request for an Electronic copy of the 11/8/22 Election Day Poll Tapes for all precincts for your county: See here for model letter to submit to you local BOE. https://www.ashevilleteapa